Foto: Kevin Ochoa

TSI SURK: Underwater Rugby

This crazy sport is an anaerobic, three-dimensional and a funny alternative to swimming. A great dose of adrenaline is ensured in every training session and even more so during the matches! Want to hear more? I really hope you do!


Two teams, each with six players, try to get a plastic ball filled with salt water in the opposite team’s bucket. The buckets are attached to the bottom of a deep swimming pool (3,6m on average) and the field stretches the width of the swimming pool. Each player wears a water polo hat, a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. There are three main positions in each team: goalkeeper, defender and forward. Once everything is set, it’s time to start fighting underwater!!!

It is certainly a rough sport, but the rules will protect you, so don’t worry. It is forbidden to kick, punch or attack the equipment. However, pushing, grabbing and most kinds of physical contact between persons (hugging and kissing included!) are allowed when a player is holding the ball. Once the ball is released, the player becomes untouchable.


All you have to ask yourself is: do I know how to swim? If the answer is “yes”, then you are more than ready for this addictive and original sport. You are all more than welcome to try for free!!! This is a sport suitable for both men and women, you just need to be willing to try new and challenging experiences. Besides, our training schedule is more than compatible with studies and work, so no excuses!

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You never know if you like something until you try it, and this is another such example. Actually, I could have never imagined I would get so hooked on such a weird sport. Now, here I am… after almost two years playing for TSI SURK.

Photo: Kevin Ochoa
Photo: Kevin Ochoa


Several times every semester our club flies to other Norwegian cities such as Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim, and Bergen. Every new team member gets the chance to experience what it is like to face other teams and to share a fun weekend with teammates. Visiting other cities is always great, mainly when done in such a friendly environment as we have at TSI SURK. What’s more, travel is relatively cheap because the club organizes voluntary jobs called “Dugnads”. These might involve such things as cleaning houses and helping people to move out of their old apartments, all in order to collect money for trips and to promote team work within the club.

The last cup we attended was in Olso this April. We defeated all the teams except for one, thanks to an incredible team job! Cooperation and team spirit are the keys to success in this sport. Strength, swimming skills and underwater agility are some of the features you will develop the more you train. Once you have decided to give it a try, just drop by one of our training sessions or contact us on Facebook: TSI SURK.

Come and join a sport that will take your breath away!

Text: Kevin Ochoa