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Super Greens – What Are They All About?

When veggies, fruits, seaweeds and different sorts of sprouts are squeezed into pills or powder, it is a million-dollar business. Why is it that compact greens are attractive to people who at the same time still leave their parsleys and broccolis on a plate? Are they actually super greens for the consumers or for the moneymakers?

Text: Outi Autere

Green supplements have been lately the fastest growing supplement business. The terms such as superfood or super greens are supporting the interest towards these green products. When before it was hard-core to build muscles with raw meat, today the different greens are conquering the market. The change is without a doubt positive. Even if the compressed greens should not be thought as a replacement for food, they have benefits that support their use. However, it is not always as simple as to walk into a store and purchase a bottle of any greens.

If not a vegetarian, the ‘half a kilo per day- rule’ might be a challenge to overcome when talking about the veggie intake. For that it might be justifiable to use some green products next to the daily routines to get all the nutrition needed per day. These compressed greens are an excellent addition with their high density of nutrition compared to the energy they hold. The greens contain a great amount of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – a tablespoon of green powder or a pill or two can be as nutritious as a great portion of vegetables. Moreover, the quality proteins from the greens are great building materials for the cells. The darker the green is, the better.

Moreover, as the grains, dairy, and proteins are mainly acidic, you are what you eat. An unbalanced pH may lead to decreased bone health, excessive cortisol, and slightly impaired thyroid function, thus it really matters what goes through your body. One of the top benefits on using the green supplements is to keep the body’s pH balance as neutral as possible or even improve a body’s acid-base balance. Greens are alkaline and from a pH perspective, their daily usage is highly recommded.

However, it does matter what kind of green products are consumed. First of all, it is important to be able to see the entire list of ingredients, including the source of the greens as well as the list of all the vitamins and other minerals. Moreover, you would want to see the quantity of each ingredient. Here comes the matter of a consumer alertness. Companies are built to sell and among these companies there are always some who want to make money without giving away really a thing. For greens it is not enough to see a mention about an important seaweed ingredient but really to know the quantity of it per grams or percentages by use. Obviously, the greater amounts there are, the better it is, naturally.

For the taste of the greens, some say that it is as bad as how much your body needs it – vice versa – the more you like the taste, the less your body actually needs the extra vitamins and minerals in it, thus if you don’t like it, you should drink it. However, there are tips to flatten the strong or ‘greeny’ taste a bit by adding some lime or lemon to the drink – the citrus balances the taste. It is also even possible to mix it with smoothies or sprinkle it on top of your everyday food. The consumption could be easier to start gradually to get use to the taste as long as they are used.

HOX: There are very seldom anything harmful in using these greens (allergens need to be known beforehand as in everything), however a usage during a high exposure of the Sun may cause or even create oversensitivity and for that is not recommended simultaneously. This is most likely because some of the greens contain certain herbs that are not suitable to use in the sunlight.

Go green, go lean, go clean!