Foto: Gintarė Turskytė

Introduction to sport: Skiing

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Norway.  Basically, there are not so many Norwegians who never tried skiing. The most popular kinds are alpine and cross-country skiing. The latter is much easier to learn for those who never tried skiing before, because the risk of injury is less. As for me, I really like skiing in Tromsø because every time you do that, you can meet smiling Norwegians! 

Text: Sofia Grabovskaia

So, why you should try skiing right now once it starts snowing?

1. You will develop your stamina and strength of will. Life is just like that – willpower is useful everywhere.
2. You won’t be afraid of heights anymore (if you are right now). Skiing will help you to get rid of it.
3. You will be less susceptible to illnesses such as influensa. This means you won’t have to skip your lectures – you’ll just have to find another reason;
4. You will get a reaction progress. This is a very useful thing.

This mays sound quite trivial, but cross-country skiing is really good for health. It helps recover joints and ligaments, increases muscular tone and trains your abdominal muscles. Generally, cross-country skiing can be considered as one of the sport activities that are really safe for the joints and ligaments because, in contrast to, for example, jogging, the impact load is minimal. Cross-country skiing also strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves your heart muscles, and normalizes blood pressure. All in all, it has a positive effect on your immune system.

Some people probably wonder if skiing can help you lose weight. Well, for every hour of this activity you can burn about 500-1200 calories. The number depends largely on what kind of equipment you use, and how hard you move. In addition, alpine skiing helps to burn more calories. If we compare this number with the one you could burn by jogging or swimming, it turns out that skiing is a better choice. Moreover, exercises at a temperature below zero have tempering effect, enhancing the protective function of the body. Also, cross-country skiing helps to get the joy hormones, endorphins, which are essential if you have winter depression.
One more benefit: if you will master cross-country skiing , then it will be easier for you to succeed in alpine skiing, because you will already have acquired the balance that is needed . In other words, you are going to be super good at that!

Some beginners say that it is cool to take some headphones music or friends on your skiing session, which is true. The most common fear is «I will necessarily fall and break something». This won’t be a case if you learn how to slow down properly, and this is the thing you need to learn first! But if you are so convinced that you will fall, then you should definitely take a friend or to with you who could film a vine of you epic fall!

Here in Tromsø you can find paths for skiing called «Lysløypa» on Tromsøya, Kvaløya and in Tromsdalen, so it’s up to you where you want to get started. If you are a member of Studentidrettshallen Kraft, you can join the TSI Langrenn skiing group . You can pay a membership fee of 100 NOK on their web-page and become a part of the group that it is suitable both for beginners and pros. Contact them if you have any questions (