Foto: Varvara Alexeeva

What makes DNA of the business?

FLOW is a local Tromsø platform for small businesses that assists them in becoming successful and fully running. It gathers people from many departments of companies and provides them with an opportunity to connect with their needs. Someone is focused on technical or IT part of business, another person can be more educated in PR and others have knowledges in particular fields such as economy, law, science, health care, etc.  A part of this platform is inspirational presentations about marketing, management, important background for starting your own business, company, and follow you dream.

Besides other activities there are also organized events called “FLOWlive”. That means short meetings with interesting people, projects like VIPPS and their stories of success. On the 19th of October there was a first Facebook livestream on a topic: „How to put your DNA into your brand“ with Simen Fangel. Don’t be confused by the term DNA. Simen tries to explain metaphorical heritage of the possible brand. He is a writer who helps people to set their goals and base stories. His work is about believing into other people’s beliefs.

The presentation had a main message – find your philosophy and dedicate yourself to everything you like and do, especially in your business. Simen pointed out that the most important thing you need to consider before even starting up a business is coming up with your base story. One has to make clear what one does, what one’s goals are and why one wants to achieve these goals. One needs to be prepared to be able to tell this story anytime one is asked about one’s business.

According to him, there are three factors that define business: product, communication and emotions. The third one, emotions, is the hardest one to implement because there are premises for it – strong bonds with people not only when it comes to love or friend relationships, but also to co-workers and customers.

Small businesses and start-ups are based on credibility. In the beginning,that is the only thing one can count on and a major reason why such businesses are of interest for customers. And there are no shortcuts when it comes to being credible – only being honest with everything one does or says will help. Therefore, it is crucial to clarify for oneself what one wants from their business and be aware that it is meant and true.

In a wider perspective, there is great chance for one to turn one’s base story, philosophy into a label, brand or a strong business idea  – just because one has got a real, honest base story, which recurs to mind whenever one faces difficulties in one’s business life.

Text: Anežka Prosecká