Foto: Violeta Onland

The Sun is back!

Solsøndagen at Tromsø Museum.

Text: Liza Lamova

At first glance you will probably think that it’s a huge grey balloon. Children make a small queue to enter it while parents sit around waiting for them. But only during the Solsøndagen celebration inside the planetarium (which is actually a grey balloon) can you get acquainted with the northern constellations and hear their stories. Inside is a great opportunity to see better see the stars – some minutes spent in the planetarium before the «Stars Journey» in complete darkness allow your eyes to see more that they usually can. «Usually there are historical, ethnographical etc. museums, but we are lucky”, says Per Helge Nyland, responsible for the temporary exhibition program at Tromsø museum, “We mix culture and science in one building. And today, with the help of the Norwegian Science Center, we can explore even more nature”.

The second part of the Solsøndagen has become tradition. The museum first held the concert about 25 years ago. The Sandnessund mixed choir conducted by Sissel Helland convinces the audience that the sun has arrived, despite the weather. “If its not sunny outside, at least its sunny inside”, stated the Museum’s website before the celebration. After the concert you could admit that it was absolutely true. “They always ask: Would you like us to come back again this year?”, says Per Helge Nyland, “And we always answer: Yes, yes, certainly!”

Photo: Violeta Onland
Photo: Violeta Onland

There is lots of interesting events happening at the Trømso museum, so keep abreast and enjoy the time spent there!

P.S The date of the sun returning depends on latitude and local geography. In Tromsø the sun appears above the horizon after a dark season on the 16th of January. But it takes some time to see it because of the mountains.