Foto: Kraft

The New Kraft

The Kraft training center has been there since 2001. It may not seem that old, but it has been offering group classes, team practices, sports events, training equipment and so on for 15 years. The proximity of the building to the university makes it very convenient for UiT students to combine sports with studies. Inspired by this success the idea of a new and bigger center emerged in 2007. In 2011 the idea became a plan and since 2016, as some of you may have noticed, constructions have begun. But what will change? What will be new? And when will it be ready?

Author: Mathilde Roux

I met with Bjørn Olav Kufaas Brækkan and Vegard Andreas Haugen from Kraft, who accepted to share the plans for the new facilities. The new building will be twice as big compared to the current one. With three floors it will offer a lot more possibilities for training. In addition to that, the new Kraft will have a cafeteria, to make the sports complex more social. Here you will be able to buy coffee, tea, snacks and hang out. You will find meeting rooms that can be rented and TSI’s office will be moved there, bringing them closer to the action. They will also have a room to clean, repair and dry their equipment. When finished, Kraft will have six new changing rooms, 3 for men and 3 for women. Compared with the old ones they will be even bigger and one will have a sauna, yes a sauna! Several offices will be available for doctors and students who are working with health, nutrition and physiotherapy. Very convenient in case of an emergency. Also, a new parking lot will be constructed in front of the building. This parking will be connected to the main road which will make the facilities much more accessible.

What about the training? New rooms will be created for group training. One new cycling room with a capacity up to 35 bikes. One room for yoga, and dance or other group classes. The third and biggest room can be divided into two smaller ones. In this room Kraft will offer courses in TRX, step and strength classes. Finally, a fourth room will be entirely dedicated to fighting sports like judo and aikido. There will also be a brand new area for cardio and free weights, close to 700 square meters on the third floor. This area will be furnished with more new equipment.

On the first floor of the new building they will also have a new sports ground. Again more spacious than the one they have now, with possibility to separate it in 3 sections. This will provide more space to all team sports practice.

What about the “old” building? It will basically stay as it is and the new one will simply be added to it. In total, the new and old building together will measure around 8000 square meters. The two buildings will be linked, only one entrance would let you go into both. The planning will allow easy access from one area to another. This is especially important during tournaments. The current training rooms will continue to exist but Kraft has not yet decided on their purpose. One likely option is the creation of a new wall for bouldering!

All this new space will create possibilities for more classes at the same time. In other words, more opportunities during the week for you to practice the sports you already loved to do at Kraft. Not only that, the design of the building with huge glass windows will make your training even more enjoyable. As you may have noticed, the construction is going fast. You can see it grow day by day. Now you will just have to wait until autumn 2017 to be able to try it all out!