The best present from UiT

Overview of the most wanted event of this September

Text: Alena Antipina

Honestly speaking, I was so nervous before my birthday this year. Do you want to know, how that refers to the topic of the issue? Simply – Arbeidslivsdagen took place exactly on the date, which was definitely the best present not only for me, but surely for all the students of UiT.

To begin with, preparation had started already in the evening on 7th: the canteen and the passage was full of volunteers, concentrated on following the plan of ‘sitting arrangement’. Such a noisy exciting atmosphere!

This excitement could be even felt, when it all started at the day of the event already at 10.00! To tell you the truth, it was pretty obvious that the audience had been divided into 3 particular groups of participants:

  1. Students in the desperate need of getting a good job, putting in everyones’ hands their perfect made CVs;
  2. Also students, who came to the event mostly to get an opportunity for taking free food and some other stuff from exhibitors;
  3. The exhibitors themselves, in the need (not that desperate, there were employers, who didn’t provide any vacancies) of new workforce.

Summarizing: everyone got what they wanted. At least, I saw that the second group participants quite satisfied – with bags full of lipbalms, text highlighters, booklets, cups, other bags etc.

Yes, I may sound a bit prejudiced and ironic, although it is a part of reality, which took place on Arbeidslivsdagen. However my actual point in here is in the heading of this article – for people, who wanted to benefit in terms of career and manpower participating in this event, it was hugely profitable and useful to visit.

To be more precise, I also asked the employers, how do they reflect upon Arbeidslivsdagen and got some interesting results. For instance, Evelyn Blom-Dahl, the representative of Norsk Olje og Gas said, that majority of students, who came to her this day, were geology and engineer field interested and they asked for her opinion as an expert about the future of oil and gas industry as it is a part of their future too. Marius Stamnes, the advisor of Kupa (Arctic Accelerator in the exhibition), explained, that his company took part in the exhibition mostly to attract students to internships they offer and explain, what the Arctic Accelerator is and what it is doing for the future of Northern Norway businesses. Compiling the conclusion of all the actual results of the Arbeidslivsdagen and my own feelings, I should conclude the following: university does the great thing to students (and not only them!), preparing such events, and let it be more often!