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Style-novation: When fashion meets innovation

Welcome to the gallery of the future apparel! From a simple dress substituting the changing room to high-tech workout shirts, these 10 innovative clothing prove that we are already living in the future. Even better, some of these innovations also aim for a greener world by helping us reducing clothing consumption. So, take a look at the gallery below, and let Santa know which one do you want for a Christmas present!

Text by Yati Chen

Baubax Travel Jacket


This jacket might be the best travel jacket, since it has a staggering 15 features, including earphone holders, drink pocket, sunglasses pocket, microfiber cloth, pen with stylus, iPad pocket, hand warming pockets, neck pillow, eye mask, passport pocket, phone pocket, portable charger pocket, blanket pocket, and gloves. However, the most impressive feature is the seamless built-in neck pillow, which can be inflated and deflated within just two seconds!

Ai Riders on the Storm


At a glance, this jacket resembles a superhero’s costume, and the pom-pom on top of the hoodie adds the entertaining part of it. But if you wish to ski without the hassle of carrying your goggles and face cover, then this is the perfect jacket. The goggles attached to the hoodie are replaceable with transparent lenses, plus, they are scratch resistant. This goose down jacket also comes with mesh grates in the mouth and ears section, which are useful for breathing, hearing, and also for preventing fog from covering the goggles.

Silic shirt


This hydrophobic t-shirt has gained its popularity from a viral advertising video. Silic is waterproof inside out, since it is made of fibers woven with silica. It is claimed to be soft, breathable and washable up to 80 washes. And since it is hydrophobic, it also has antimicrobial quality, reducing the need of a frequent wash. Thus, it is impossible to stain and also environmental friendly.

Scottevest Carry-on Coat


Just like Baubax travel jacket, Scottevest is also a perfect travel jacket. However, instead of just 15 features, Scottevest has as many as 33 pockets! From the smallest size, these pockets are designed to store pens, keys, phone, iPad, and even some folded shirts in the biggest pockets. Thus, it is named as the carry-on coat, which substitutes a carry-on bag and saves extra baggage fee.

Radiate Athletics


‘Thermal vision built in your shirt’ – that is what Radiate Athletics claims to be. This shirt changes its color as you exercise, and shows the area where your muscles have worked out. It also has a heat management system that keeps your body cool while radiating the heat on the shirt as the color changes. In addition, the shirt is also anti-microbial and moisture wicking, eliminating sweat and odor.

The Undress


No changing room at the beach? No problem, because this dress works as your changing room. The Undress is actually a simple dress with a drawstring loop and two pocket-like side openings. However, this dress proves that a simple solution can be a great innovation. By slipping the drawstring loop under your shirt and wearing the loop on your neck just like wearing a normal dress, you can take off your shirt effortlessly without getting naked. The side openings are useful for taking off your pants easily. And since it looks just like a normal dress, you can also wear it as a beach dress or simply pack it in your bag as you travel.

Karma Trik


Another example of a simple but great innovation, Karma Trik is a piece of cloth that can be worn in 15 different ways. It can be worn as a shirt, skirt, and several styles of dress, without the need of buttons, zippers or straps. The fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles collected from the beaches in Haiti. By wearing this shirt/dress/skirt, you actually help to clean the beaches, create income opportunities in Haiti, and reduce the number of your clothing, thus, giving you good karma.



This smart jacket warms not only your body, but also your hands, with controllable heat levels that can be operated from a mobile app. It is claimed to be the first climate control jacket, which has a sensor to monitor the temperature inside and outside the jacket. In addition, it has the longest battery life – 13 hours, since it is more energy efficient, compared to traditional carbon fiber heating technologies. The external battery is located in the pocket and can also be used as a phone charger.



Hexoskin is a workout shirt that monitors your heart rate, breathing volume and rate, exercise intensity level, steps, and pace. The data is stored on your phone and can be viewed real-time. It has 14 hours of battery life with Bluetooth connection. The fabric is machine washable, quick drying, breathable, lightweight, anti-odor, chlorine resistant, and has UV protection.



Massage lovers rejoice! Now you can wear your masseur, since Airawear is a jacket equipped with 6 specially-targeted acupressure modules that will give you a massage anytime, anywhere. The modules are so thin that no one will notice that you are enjoying your massage on the go. The mobile app is used to select the massage program of your choice based on intensity, preference, duration and pain points. Furthermore, it also has the function of automatic posture correction, which inflates automatically when you have poor posture.