Foto: Robert Pallin Aaring

Startup 102: Venture Cup – The Final

You might remember that in our previous issue we have talked about Venture Cup and the story of a student, Robert Pallin Aaring (27), who made it to the regional round this year. Today we have some updates from him. However, if this does not sound familiar to you, we are about to present you a short introduction here. Venture Cup is a competition where student participants are supposed to submit an innovative idea followed with a business plan. It is a great opportunity to find necessary connections and funds if you want to kick start your own business. In our earlier article we talked about how Robert came up with his brilliant idea and what story was behind it. Now let us see how his story continues.

After Robert took first place in a local round in February, he successfully continued and took first place in the regional round one more time, in March. Right now he is preparing for the national round which will take place in October. Hopefully, he will become a winner once again. At this stage, the student is not only working on his perfect business pitch for the judges, but also developing a prototype from his idea. A huge amount of money is required, since there is a need for specific materials and professional skills. Fortunately, Robert received big checks as the winnings, so he is spending them in an appropriate way to convert his idea into reality. The prototype is planned to be finished by mid-May and tested as many times as possible before the last pitch, which will take place in Bergen. Nonetheless, Robert mentioned he might not have that much time, since his idea is snow-related and the season is ending quite soon.

Although it has been a lot of hard work to catch up with everything including the competition, studies, and his hobby, skiing, Robert seemed quite satisfied with his current situation. He teams up with his relatives who are very eager and positive about his idea, and ready to give it all they got. We all know how important teamwork and learning from one another is, and Robert is delighted to have them by his side. Moreover, he gets many opportunities from people and organizations in every form imaginable, and he cannot be grateful enough for this.

Whatever place he will take in the final round, participating in Venture Cup has already been both a high-return investment for him and a great accelerator for his idea. For the second time, he highly suggested that everyone who has even a little idea should develop it and apply for Venture Cup. Your idea will be always hanging over your head if you do not do anything to it. You need to implement it, which is simple – just write it down on a piece of blank paper. Every innovation starts from scratch, and so does yours.

by Gorn Phetchpinkaew