Sip your coffee, with stlyle

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, then this article is for you. The ultimate dream of every coffee lover is to be able to drink their favorite coffee, everywhere, at any given time. However, this dream can be shattered by the fact that coffee lovers have to carry all the equipment necessary in order to make a perfect cup of coffee. In order to make a perfect cup of coffee, some people prefer to use a coffee machine, others prefer a coffee press, or an espresso mocha pot, or a coffee drip with a filter, and so on. All these appliances make it impossible to brew the coffee perfectly on the go, and most people will sadly end up  drinking instant coffee or buying from a/the coffee shop. But thanks to innovation, coffee lovers can now enjoy the perfect cup of coffee anytime and anywhere. Here are 10 coffee gadgets for you to drool over.

Text: Yati Chen

  1. Minipresso; take your barista with you everywhere.


Claiming to be to be the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine, Minipresso weights 360 grams and measures at 175 mm. With the help of the semi-automatic piston, small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter. After few pushes, the optimal extraction pressure is achieved. A rich and bold espresso is extracted. The capacity of the standard water tank is 70 ml. No battery or electricity needed.

  1. Handpresso; high pressure creating better coffee on the go.


Handpresso works by creating high pressure (16 bar) to extract high quality espresso. The pump is similar to a bicycle pump but Handpresso measures at only 22 x 10 x 7 cm and weights 480 g. The water tank capacity is 50 ml. No battery or electricity needed.

  1. Cookie Cup; drink the coffee, eat the cup.


This edible cup is made of pastry, but thicker than traditional cookies. The inner part of the cup is coated with sugar glaze so that the cup can withstand the high temperature of the coffee and the stay in shape longer. It also means that the coffee will taste sweeter when the sugar glaze melts. After the coffee is finished, the cup tastes like coffee dipped cookies.

  1. Coffee Cuppa; reusable single cup coffee infuser.


Coffee Cuppa is basically a pod with a metal coffee filter that work exactly like a tea infuser, but Coffee Cuppa’s filter is finer than that of a regular tea infuser. The pod, shaped like coffee bean, can hold a spoonful of ground coffee. To enjoy a cup of coffee, simply load the pod with ground coffee, pop in the metal filter, drop the pod in a cup and add hot water.

  1. Hey Joe; the world first smart mug.


Put a coffee pod in the cup, pour water of any temperature, push the button and you will get a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Push the button once for regular coffee and twice for stronger coffee. Hey Joe is a battery operated cup with a smart heating plate to regulate the temperature of the water. To charge the battery, which is detachable, just plug in a USB cable. The coffee pod is just like a round tea bag, but is biodegradable and even weaved with flower seeds so you can plant it afterwards!

  1. Piamo; half a minute espresso.


If you are familiar with espresso mocha pot, then you will like Piamo even more. You just need to fill the ground coffee, water and put the Piamo in microwave. You will get fresh espresso in just 30 seconds, much faster than the traditional espresso mocha pot.

  1. Zoku; ice coffee without the ice cubes


Perfect for summer, this spill-proof cup makes ice coffee without the need of ice cubes, so you can enjoy the coffee without the ice diluting it. Just freeze the inner cup for 8 hours, fill with hot coffee, in 7-8 minutes the ice coffee will be ready.

  1. Cafflano Klassic; make coffee on the go from the bean.


This one is especially for serious coffee lover. The portable coffee maker includes coffee bean grinder, drip kettle, filter and 450 ml tumbler.

  1. Coffee Joulies; metal coffee bean to regulate your coffee’s temperature.


These metal coffee beans are made of special metal that absorbs heat before reaching 140°F and stops after that, so you can drink your coffee sooner without burning your tongue. The more heat you feed your Joulies, the longer they will keep your coffee warm.

  1. Wisdom wands; coffee filter straw.


This hand-blown glass straw has a small coffee filter at the bottom and doubles as stirrer. Just drink from the straw, no need to wait for the drip or pressing the ground anymore.