New In Tromsø? Check Out These Apps!

As a new student in a new place, you might be wondering about how your life is going to be for the next few months or years. Simple but essential things, like how to commute and where to buy groceries, are sometimes worrying if you have not enough information as they are only known by the locals. Don’t panic, we are living in the information era, everything you want to know is always accessible in the convenience of your smartphone. Aside from Google Map, here are some apps and a Facebook page that can be your life saver while you are living up here in Tromsø.

Text by Yati Chen

Troms Reise

troms reise_new in tromso_yati

If you plan to commute by bus, download this app! As long as you have the internet connection, this app will let you know the location of the nearest bus stop and how to travel from one location to another. You can use the search tab or use the map and choose the destination bus stop. It will also let you know if you need to transfer to another bus to reach your destination. Just be very careful when choosing the bus stop from the map, because sometimes one bus stop in the map means two bus stops with the same name but different directions. Normally every bus stop has the direction of the bus written on the bus stop, so if it is not the direction you are heading, the correct bus stop must be somewhere across the road, in the opposite direction.

Troms Mobillett

troms mobillet_new in tromso_yati

Another ‘must have’ app if you are commuting by bus, this is actually the electronic version of the bus ticket. It allows you to buy single tickets, period tickets, and night tickets. You can even purchase tickets for traveling by boat or ferry. However, you must always have internet connection in order to show the ticket to the bus driver when you are boarding the bus.


mattilbud_new in tromso_yati

This app shows the weekly offers from grocery stores in Norway, thus very helpful for planning your shopping list. However, some stores are not available in Tromsø. The content is updated every Monday, which is the starting day of all weekly offers.


mazemap_new in tromso_yati

Lost inside the university building? Can’t find your classroom? This app will guide you to the right room. MazeMap uses the combination of WLAN-triangulation and GPS positioning so it can provide you with high accuracy positions both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, it will also show you the direction inside the building.

Mobills Budget and Money Manager

mobills_new in tromso_yati

Forget excel files or paper notes, this app will help you to keep track of all your expenses and incomes. Mobills lets you easily input your daily expenses and create as many categories you want for each expense. It also shows your monthly statement with a simple and easy to understand colorful chart. By using Mobills, you can control your monthly budget effortlessly. Nevertheless, you still have to manually control your desire to spend the money.


accuweather_new in tromso_yati

Weather in Tromsø can be very unpredictable. You might end up wearing too much or too little, traveling in wet clothes or carrying an umbrella when it is sunny. To avoid these costume mistakes, it is wise to have an accurate weather forecast in hand. AccuWeather is an app that shows the weather forecast accurately from 15 days to hourly forecast. It also shows sunset and sunrise times, which are quite interesting for the summer (the sun never sets) and winter (the sun never rises) in Tromsø.


auroranotifier_new in tromso_yati

Tromsø is blessed with northern lights and this app will tell you when to look up to the night sky. It has real time northern lights forecast that also shows the strength of the lights. You can also set a notification alert when the northern lights reach a certain KP number, so you can jump out of your bed at the right time. But don’t forget to check AccuWeather to make sure the sky is clear! And forget this app in the summer time.

Sports Tracker

sports tracker_new in tromso_yati

This app will be your best friend if you like outdoor activities and workouts. Not only for running, it is also for cycling, walking, hiking, skiing and even water sports. It tracks and analyzes your performance, such as distance, altitude, speed, energy and duration. The best thing is that you can share this information along with photos in social media or just store them as a personal workout diary. You can even see other users on the map and possibly make new friends!


skisporet_new in tromso_yati

Winter in Tromsø is all about cross country skiing. Ski tracks are available almost everywhere in Tromsø, Tromsdalen and Kvaløya. Some of you can even ski from your home to the university. Skisporet is the app that tells you the condition of each track. It shows the time of grooming, altitude, and the length of the tracks. For more detailed information, you can also check the website, There is nothing better than skiing on a freshly groomed track.

Tromsø Kjøp og Salg Facebook Page

tromsokjopogsalg_new in tromso_yati

Join this Facebook group if you need to buy or sell something. Members usually sell used items, but sometimes also new unused items. You can mostly find used furniture, clothing, kitchen utensils, electronic appliances, vehicles, and gadgets.