Lamp-novation: Innovative Lamps for Mørketid

Mørketid is coming, as the day is getting shorter, and soon the sun will hide under the horizon for two months. However, the darkness won’t bother us at all, since we can just simply turn on our lamps, especially if we have these innovative lamps listed below. These unique lamps are either powered by soil, water or gravity, and some of them just mimic the sun and the moon perfectly. So, no more winter blues, and let there be light.

Text by Yati Chen



This is the perfect lamp for the mørketid! CoeLux is an innovative source of light installed on the ceiling to create an artificial sunlight. The lamp looks exactly like the sky, and the light mimics the sunlight, so well that it even tricks the human brains and cameras. CoeLux uses a thin coating of nanoparticles to create the Rayleigh scattering effect, which is the same effect as the atmosphere scatters the sunlight. This skylight is actually designated for windowless spaces, such as underground rooms, parking spaces, and toilets, but it can also be a perfect lamp for houses and buildings in Tromsø.



Luna is the moon that you can bring to your own room or give to your loved ones. This artificial moon is handmade by order, thus every moon is unique. This lamp is made with heat resistant, water repellent, and durable material, so it can be either hung or laid on the floor. Luna’s luminosity can be adjusted as needed, and it is available in 7 sizes. For now, it is still using a halogen bulb except for the smallest size, but the producer plans to use LED bulbs in the future.

Soil Lamp


As the name suggests, Soil Lamp is powered by soil. It contains several mud cells stuffed with copper and zinc, which are the source of power for the LED lamp. The chemical reaction between the mud, copper, and zinc produces enough electricity to keep the lamp on until the water in the mud dries, thus, the mud needs to be watered regularly. However, the lamp will shine longer if there are more mud cells attached.

Gravity Light


This lamp works by using the kinetic energy released by an elevated weight that is slowly falling down. Ideally, a 12 kg weight, connected to the lamp, will be lifted as high as 1.8 meters, and it will be released down as slow as 1 mm per second. As the weight goes down, the movement turns a sprocket inside the pulley system with high power, which will be transformed by a gear into a high-speed output that produces electrical currents to light up the lamp. After the weight reaches the floor, it can be simply lifted up again to power up the lamp.



WAT is a cordless water powered lamp, which uses a hydroelectric battery to light up the LED strips. The hydroelectric battery consists of a carbon stick covered with magnesium powder. Combined with water, the battery creates an electrochemical reaction that powers up the lamp. This lamp is a perfect match for people who love plants, as they will always remember to water the plant and the lamp.



This collapsible, lightweight solar powered LED lamp is not only suitable for camping, but it is also helpful during a disaster, since it is also water resistant and economical. The lamp is made of a foldable PET lantern, equipped with a solar panel that can be fully charged in 8 hours. A single charge gives enough energy for the lamp to shine for 8-12 hours. However, charging this lamp in the dark winter here in Tromsø can be quite a challenge.

Book of Lights


Is it a book? Or is it a lamp? This pop-up lamp book will be a delight on your desk, by disguising as a vintage book when it is not turned on. To lighten up your desk, simply open the book and a vintage paper lamp will emerge. There’s also another version of this book, which is a miniature of a street lamp completed with the street and the grass. Both books are made of paper and fabric, and powered by a simple low voltage adapter with an electric cord.

Light emitting wallpaper


This luminous wallpaper concept is designed by Jonas Samson, a Dutch industrial designer. When it’s turned off, it looks just like a normal wallpaper, but when it’s turned on, it’s magical. With this wallpaper in the room, there’s no need to install conventional lamps anymore. The wallpaper consists of a layer that produces electricity, a conductor layer, a layer with the LED lights, and finally a layer of regular wallpaper. Unfortunately, there’s still no details about the availability in the market.