Foto: Elias Bergsholm

International conference: Cultural awareness or look for tomorrow

How to become more successful when the global job market went through globalization and multiculturalism? What is the global competition and why we need to be aware of it? If you want to be prepared for tomorrow and understand what multiculturalism brings us today, join the «International conference: Attract, train and keep global talents» that will be held in The University of Tromsø this October 15 from 9.00-17.00

Important for everyone

«I think everyone should be interested in how to become more competitive in the sort of job market we have nowadays», says PhD-student Charlotte Weber who currently works at the university, and who is also going to host the coming event.

Every year ITIM International organizes such conferences for both students, PHD-students and the staff with a different topic. This year, ITIM in co-operation with SAF21 brings new experience in higher education to UiT students. To raise cultural awareness about competence, globalization, multiculturalism and other aspects, 9 speakers with different backgrounds are invited to our university.

Meet leading experts

«We have speakers from different countries and with very different backgrounds. People not only with an academic background, but also from private enterprises, political environment will present during the conference. The variety of perspectives present at this conference is important to see the topic in a diverse context», comments Charlotte.

How to achieve a good career in a multicultural environment? Meet and ask leading experts to understand cultural competence and turn your cultural diversity into a strategic advantage.

A good contribution to organizing the oncoming conference were made by different UiT student organizations such as ISU, CloudNine and others who are helping with photography, advertising and even making a documentary about the event.

For more information, contact UiT staff Charlotte Teresa Weber.

Text: Elias Bergsholm