Foto: Yukina Okazaki

HHT-dagen: fun done!

A useful ‘gift’ for students of UiT from…the same students of the HHT-faculty!

Text: Alena Antipina

Another Thursday at UiT this Septebmer, another fruitful event! HHT-dagen – the day of the economics faculty (e.g. Business school) – took place at September 29th and brought many participants to the area of the campus. At 8:45 already, 15 minutes after registration started, the hall near the main auditorium was full of excited people: young and motivated students, exhibited companies representatives and the speakers. At first sight, the atmosphere of joy and mingling was pretty much the same as at Arbeidslivsdagen I’ve highlighted in the previous issue. Skipping this: HHT-dagen is bigger and more equipped with different components. At that particular moment, when I realized that “this is going to be cool today!”, I caught myself on the thought: how thrilling is it to know, how such an event was organized! And so I started investigating…

At first, I’ve noticed that curiosity of the students is on quite a high level, which means, that organizers have made a great promotion. Honestly, promotion in Tromsø is not that necessary, everyone will know the info just by rumors passing the campus like funny ghosts.

So on and so forth, the main auditorium was full. At the entrance you could see the huge DJ-station, and the ‘scene’ itself was similar to some magic fairytale: purple curtains, logo screen with falling stars or something like that. You could feel as a participant of a conference of magicians, not at the day of economy faculty. Sound and hall decoration altogether created a friendly atmosphere of knowledge shared with a note of entertainment.

Photo: Yukina Okazaki
Photo: Yukina Okazaki

The program of the event consisted mostly of lectures, which was a bit uncomfortable from the perspective of the exhibitors. I’ve asked several representatives of well-known companies, who said, that they had almost no time to actually talk to people. However, they evaluated the HHT-dagen positively. Moreover, some of the exhibitors, especially the ones, who participated for the first time, were nervous and shy, which is explainable: so many students in one place at a time!

Except for the free food and stuff, which were provided in abundance, exhibitors created ways of attracting students to their informational resources. For instance, the IAESTE organization invented a quiz to catch attention to their Facebook page (find out more there!), which is the main communication channel for them. And as I passed by the IAESTE stand several times, there were more and more students around, engaged into the quiz.

To immerse you, dear readers, into the atmosphere of HHT-dagen, I should unleash the lecture part – the main ingredient of ‘taste’ in any successful conference. The event’s credo was “Out of comfort zone”, and it has pretty much everything to do with gaining success. Espen Lind, Mona Grudt, Richard B. Stephenson – these people (if you don’t know who they are – please, Google it!) came at that wonderful Thursday to UiT to share secrets of their accomplishments with young students. Honestly, I perceive this action as a very gratifying one, because sharing your own experience, which difficulties you faced and how it all was worthy in the end – is truly a generous gift.

Each of the speakers had a unique presentation, which definitely stayed in the memory of the audience. Espen Lind had shown some videos from the years of his raising popularity and sang some of his songs. It’s needed to admit, that his voice in live performance is not less than stunning. Mona Grudt had raised the public, tired of a too fruitful day, making all the people in the hall dance with her. Nonetheless, two boys from the front row deserved the honour to be hugged by Miss Universe – and the rest of us had nothing to do but envy them (in a good way, of course)!

It was quite intriguing to look at Richard B. Stephenson performance, who promised to help us all change our lives during his lecture. Truthfully, I would not say, that the information he had given to the audience was that unknown, because all of us (I hope!) at least guessed, that the majority of first impression consists of “what you do and not, what you say”. By the way, he repeated this phrase at least 5 times whilst performing. Maybe, the audience wanted some action and not necessary information about how to become a perfect candidate to hire on a job interview. Some speakers require a special audience, if you know what I mean.

Photo: Yukina Okazaki
Photo: Yukina Okazaki

My special attention at HHT-dagen was put onto the organization matters. To tell you the truth, I was very curious to know, how it became possible to grab such an attention to the event. But the answer to that journalistic ‘research’ question came fast to me. In such a small city as Tromsø it has almost nothing to do with promotion: people know each other, study at the same place and easily get and spread information about upcoming events by rumors or inner communication channels in the university.

Just in case you didn’t know: the whole event was prepared and organized by students of the HHT-faculty! Which is, in my humble opinion, fantastic and gorgeous. Martin Reiersen, program manager of HHT-dagen, told me, that all the questions upon event preparation were lain on the shoulders of 8 students (of course, UiT was helping along the way), from inviting speakers and exhibitors until the dealing with catering and visual execution. From my side, I wish this wonderful team luck in everything they do during studies and after graduation, because HHT-dagen, despite some minor excusive mistakes, was truly a marvelous day for all the participants. The atmosphere of joy and common drive to successful network development surrounded everyone till the end of the day. Moreover, HHT-dagen banquet at Radisson Hotel was quite a professional decision the organizers made in order to stay remembered for a long time.

Concluding: I could not resist myself of eating several pieces of the delicious HHT-dagen cake… Should I consider myself with the part of students, who woke up this day just to take lots of free food?!

P.S.: not at any minute blame myself for that, even if it’s true!