Foto: Anna Lukachuk

Hello, I want this job!

Thinking of getting a job? Be ready for an interview! Ingvild Sørensen, an adviser in the center for career and employment, shares some tips about how to behave, what to emphasize and how to prepare for a job interview in order to be successful.

Theoretically, everything is simple. During the interview you should prove three most important statements: you have enough competence for the job, you are really interested in getting it and you are the perfect candidate for it, which actually means that the job fits you perfectly. Keeping these points in mind will help you to structure your speech.

Yes, the main rule here is to be prepared! The most common mistake applicants make is that they hope there is no need to spend time for preparation. Consequently, their speech becomes unstructured, filled with logical mistakes and hard for comprehension. The speaker starts to switch from one topic to another, which gives a mixed impression about him/her. That is unacceptable. Make sure you are ready with your presentation.

The recommended length of it could vary from two to three minutes. It should contain points mentioned above. Moreover, if you are very nervous before the interview and cannot stop licking your lips, putting your hair behind ears or shake your legs, a well-prepared speech would bring you some confidence.

Show your competence! Include information about your previous job, list what you are good at, and emphasize skills and experience. And remember, if you are invited for the interview, the employer has already got acquainted with your papers and is interested in you. Let the employer decide if this job fits you or not! Have you graduated a few mouth ago and you don’t think you have much experience? Try to focus on your strong sides – have you maybe helped organizing university events, participated in conferences or are you an active volunteer? When employer asks you about experience he does not always mean full-time job. Explain, why you are interested in this job. A good motivation shows that this is important for you and attracts employer. It is always more attractive to work with passionate people.

Good luck with your job interviews!

Text: Elizaveta Lamova