Gadgets for Our Best Friend

Every dog owner knows what it takes to keep that tail wagging. From walking our four-legged friend to keeping it safe and clean, there is actually a lot of work and responsibilities when it comes to owning a dog. However, it all pays off once you see that your dog is happy and healthy, and with the help of technologies, taking care of your little friend can become much more enjoyable. Here is a list of gadgets that can make both you and your pooch’s life easier.

Text by Yati Chen

Push Pushi Raincoats


Push Pushi proves that fashion is not just for human beings. By combining fashion and function, Push Pushi offers a wide variety of raincoats with different sizes, colors, and patterns. A detachable and convertible hood keeps your dog dry without flattening its ears. Choose the color or pattern that matches your own raincoat and sing in the rain with your best friend!



Leashpod is more than just a leash – it is also both a trash bag dispenser a trash bin with attached freshener. This innovative leash makes your dog walking routine more enjoyable, since there is no more need to carry your dog’s trash bag in one hand and hold the leash with the other. Especially when you go hiking with your pooch, Leashpod will help you hide that stinky bag until you come down from the mountain and find a trash bin.



Dealing with your dog’s daily waste is the most unappealing aspect of owning a dog, especially indoors, and that is what Anypotty is created for. Anypotty is an automatic indoor dog toilet which manages both liquid and solid waste. It has an amazing mechanical function when it comes to managing solid waste. When your dog finishes its bowel movements, Anypotty’s sensor starts to work after the dog leaves the toilet, and the grill flips open so the solid waste falls into the collection tray. No more stinky solid waste on the doggy toilet!



Whistle pet tracker is just like our fitness trackers with the only difference that the first one helps you track your dog’s whereabouts and activities and even monitor its health. You can also add your family members and your dog’s caretakers to monitor the dog together in a special app. Whistle’s battery lasts ten days after having been fully charged. The Whistle is durable and waterproof, which are basic requirements for anything that is meant to be attached to a dog.



This simple looking brush will end your battle with your dog’s shedding. Furminator reduces shedding by up to 90 percent by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat or cutting the skin. It has the ‘Furejector’ button to release the hair after brushing, making it easier to deal with your dog’s shedding. Furminator can also be used on cats – good news for cat lovers!

Dyson Groom


“Groom. Suck. Gone” is the tagline of Dyson Groom. While other grooming brushes will leave you with a pile of hair after grooming, Dyson Groom eliminates the need for that extra cleaning. With the special grooming brush attached to the vacuum cleaner, you can now groom and clean at the same time. It also removes dead skin cells as well as loose hair, thus capturing allergens and stopping them from spreading around the home.



A paw-activated water fountain might look silly, but dog owners, whose dogs prefer drinking running water, will approve of this product. Pawcet can be easily attached to any water hose, making it a great outdoor hydration station for your dog. Water will shoot out continuously when a paw is pressing on the pedal and stop when a paw is removed. You will have to train your dog to use this fountain, but every dog will learn very quickly for this rewarding trick.



While Pawcet requires pressing on a special pedal in order to provide water, Waterdog requires no effort from a dog to get a steady stream of fresh water. It is equipped with a sonar proximity sensor, which automatically turns on the fountain when your dog is near, and off when it walks away, exactly like our automatic water tap. Waterdog is powered by four C-cell batteries that can last up to one year.


There are countless pet gadgets available on the market nowadays, including automatic dog feeders and high-tech toys that enable us to leave our dogs home alone for a longer period of time. However, keep in mind that our presence and physical interaction with them are the most rewarding for them, and will never replace any toys or gadgets, not even the best high-tech one you can purchase. Take care of your little friends!