Foto: Varvara Alexeeva

Arctic Meeting Point

Coming to Norway from a different country or even from a different part of Norway sometimes might be difficult. The first months are like starting a brand new life where you have to find new friends who you can relax and have a nice evening chat with. This is why Arctic Meeting point exists – to help you establish new relations and simply enjoy your spare time.

Text: Wilhelm Vold

Arctic Meeting Point is a non-profit, non-religious organisation which goal is to create a friendly environment for people from all around the world, who chose to visit and start their life in our small northern city called Tromsø. It’s easy to find the organisation – they are located in a cosy Methodist Church just a few steps away from the Tromsø Library. As mentioned above, the organisation doesn’t have anything to do with the church; they are just renting it for the time being.

The organisation offers a broad spectre of activities for every person who desires to participate; for instance, people who learn Norwegian can practise it with those who already know it or just started to learn. It’s useful when you speak English most of the time; nevertheless, you still have an opportunity to master this northern language.

Photo: Varvara Alexeeva
Photo: Varvara Alexeeva

If you like to express yourself through body movement, music or poetry and want to share your cultural milestones, you should visit the Artist Meeting Point project where you can meet different people, share your cultural experience and explore different cultures. Understanding various cultures is an important trait you should acquire to find a better way to connect with different people.

Sharing thoughts is good. Everyone loves food too, right? So it’s a great idea to attend their cooking activities where people gather to cook a great meal from any ingredients they bring. While the food is being prepared, you have time to talk to wonderful people about pretty much anything. Sometimes the cooking will be followed by a short session of storytelling. It can evoke some positive emotions and make you feel like home in that friendly atmosphere.

Photo: Varvara Alexeeva
Photo: Varvara Alexeeva

In the evening, when the sun is already set, you can go to their Open Café to drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee and share stories about yourself with others. If you need to ask for advice when you go through something and you’re not sure how to act, you are welcome to get tips and suggestions from people who might have already experienced something similar.

This organisation is a perfect place for people living in the Far North to meet, mingle and share their ideas with other people. Socializing is essential when you live in this cold land.

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