Foto: Olga Shavrina

All disciplines for a greener world

The students meeting with leaders of a multidisciplinary network of students – Concerned Students has yielded results. The organisation has officially started to work at the UiT. The Concerned Students is created for those who are interested in the environmental issues and want to do their best to change the current ecological situation. Utropia has met with Annika Rødeseik and Haroun Egeh Ute and asked them some questions to get to know the Concerned Students better.

Text: Elizaveta Lamova

  • Could you please introduce the Concerned Students?

Annika Rødeseik: Concerned Students is the students’ answer to Concerned Scientists Norway. The core of our organization is a multidisciplinary network. Journalism, natural sciences, psychology etc. – we are trying to see the situation from different disciplines and perspectives. Concerned Students organise educational activities, for example, we arrange round table discussions. The organisation invites experts and professors of different disciplines to participate in such events. Also, there are film screenings and discussions afterwards. To my mind, it’s better not to have as many people as possible, but as interesting discussions as possible.

  • What is the keynote behind the organization?

Annika Rødeseik: We are an environmental group which is always eager to exchange knowledge. All subjects have their role in answering questions relating to the climate and environment, which could contribute to making the society more sustainable. I have mentioned at the Artic Frontiers conference that different disciplines were divided artificially from each other. Concerned Students in Tromsø will combine different actors to find good solutions.

  • How are Concerned Students organised?

Annika Rødeseik: Concerned Students Norway is the head group. There are 3-4 persons who look after the group in each town. We will see how the Concerned Students will be organized in Tromsø. In Bergen, for example, we have a core team of seven people. The reason why we’re starting the organization in Tromsø is because of the Arctic Frontiers conference and Concerned Students Norway taking part in it. We started to figure out that it’s a good opportunity to start here, in Tromsø, because we established a lot of contacts. And I’m really excited right now! New organisation is forming!

  • What’s the plan for developing the organisation in Tromsø? How can students join it?

Haroun Egeh Ute: I’m really getting into this idea and I’m glad to be able to contribute to such an important field. I’m very optimistic about how it is going to be. Now we are finishing our website and creating a Facebook group. I suppose in the future Concerned Students will gather weekly. I don’t believe that there are any requirements except being a concerned student. I think it will be great to have a general interest in the subject. It’s not hard to come in. The interest in our organization is growing and we are going to grow vastly. Welcome!