Foto: Elias Bergsholm

University Street Style: Spring

The idea came to me when I was staring at a magazine in a local store. The magazine had a catching street-style photo cover and the headline was: “Street style life: What have you got, New York?” So I thought: perhaps we should have some fashion sometimes? Utropia has what it takes to be observing, provoking, informative and engaging. I could go on and on. But do we have what it takes to be stylish? Yes, we do!

Text: Elias Bergsholm

Sometimes having a coffee with one friend or another on campus, I notice different people and their unique styles. Why not share it in an appealing and fashionable way? Our newspaper enlightens readers with features on music, cinematography, sports, art, politics, economy and pretty much everything but fashion. Maybe it’s time to try something new?

The way people dress can tell you something about what season it is. Style is appealing to look at and discuss, and it is also entertaining. So, one day after class, I went outside and tried to catch students’ mood with my camera. I also decided to ask them one question:

“How do you experience spring time?”

 And this is how it turned out:

Photo: Elias Bergsholm
Charlie: Definitely sun! It’s finally back and it’s so nice to spend your every free minute outside, enjoying a cup of coffee. Photo: Elias Bergsholm


Photo: Elias Bergsholm
 Ingrid: I can finally go outside in my beloved converse without being afraid of sinking in slush and mud! Photo: Elias Bergsholm
EliasBergsholm_Universitys street style Spring_Emilie
Emilie: Beyond any doubt, nothing indicates that spring is finally in town more than a beer on the terrace outside in this beautiful weather! Photo: Elias Bergsholm
EliasBergsholm_Universitys street style Spring_Rosa
Rosa: Thinner jackets! I can finally put a lock on my winter closet and wear something more delicate. Photo: Elias Bergsholm
Eirin: Buds on trees! Everything starts to bloom.
Eirin: Buds on trees! Everything starts to bloom. Photo: Elias Bergsholm
New season – new you!
New season – new you! Photo: Elias Bergsholm