Time to Ride the Bike!

Spring finally comes to Tromsø, no more icy roads and freezing wind. It is the perfect time to ride your bike and enjoy the midnight sun! Whilst you need a new bike, why not try one of these ones?

A-Bike Electric


Claimed to be the smallest, lightest, folding electric bike in the market, A-Bike is a super-compact electric bike. It weighs 12 kg and can be folded into just 21 x 40 x 70 cm. It also has a detachable battery that is no bigger than a water bottle and one charge can take you up to 25 km, without the sweat. But if you want to sweat, of course, you can ride it like a normal bike.



This is a fully electric bike, which means no pedaling needed at all. It has two models, Model V and Model C. Model C has one big wheel and one small wheel, and only weighs 11.4 kg. Model V comes with an additional small wheel, which makes it possible to carry another passenger behind. When folded, YikeBike looks just like a wheel with a seat on top of it that also serves as a handle. One 100-minute charge of the 36V battery can last up to 20 km.



Surf and bike at the same time? Why not? SurfBike is your answer. It is a combination of a bike, surfboard, propulsion system, and a rudder. It can speed up to 11 km/h, on a calm water, of course. Just be careful not to fall into the cold water of Tromsø.

One Shot


Normally, a folding bike can only be carried when folded, and most of them are still quite heavy to be easily carried around. In addition, folding and carrying the bike will result in dirty clothing if you are not careful enough. One Shot solves these problems. It can be easily folded without touching the wheels, and it does not need to be carried since the wheels stay on the ground, thus it can be pulled or pushed just like a stroller.

BlackBraid Bike


You might think that there is nothing special about this bike until you lift it. BlackBraid looks like a normal bike, but it only weighs less than 5 kg! How could that be possible? Because it is produced with a unique carbon braid technology. The very special braiding technology renders the particularly high-performance material as stable as metal while weighing less than aluminum.



Obviously, it’s called Halfbike because of the lack of a seat. However, Halfbike claimed that it is a vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes. It has three wheels, one big front wheel, and two small rear wheels. The handlebar can also be folded for space-saving.



With a unique triangular frame, Strida can be easily folded into a simple long shape for easy storage. The bike is a single speed belt-driven bike, instead of chain-driven, which means that it is suitable for short rides. Plus, it only weighs 10 kg.



BWM stands for Bike Washing Machine, thus, it literally washes your clothes while you are working out. However, it is a stationary bike, not a mean of transportation. The faster the user pedals, the faster the clothes inside are cleaned. This bike gives you multiple advantages; tones your legs, cleans your laundry, saves your time, and reduces your carbon footprint.



Is it a car or a bike? You decide. Elf is a solar and pedal powered tricycle that can speed up to 20 mph with electric assist, and 30 mph with pedaling. The electric motor can transport the user for more than 15 miles without pedaling, and if it runs out of battery, it can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. But the best feature is the solar panel, which fully recharge the vehicle in 7.5 hours. Perfect for the sunny season in Tromsø.



This backpack-turning-bike is a perfect hiking equipment. When it is turned into a bike, it has a cargo space for up to 12 kg load. When it is folded into a backpack, the total weight is 9.5 kg, with the bigger wheel on top of the smaller wheel. As it is a downhill bike, there is no pedal. The rider has to kneel on the backpack since there is no seat.

 Text: Yati Chen