Cool Innovations for ‘Cool’ Arctic Outdoor

Golden sun, clear blue sky, pure white snow, fresh air. Suddenly you have an itch to go out. Whether it is hiking, camping, snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding, the Arctic outdoor is a perfect place. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful yet so unforgiving natural surroundings.

Text by Yati Chen

Avalanche, cold temperature, deep snow, and slippery paths are just some of the dangers of the Arctic outdoor activities in winter. However, human beings always find the way to turn these challenges into something irrelevant. These cool innovations are just some of the proof that human can change unfriendly winter outdoor to be a place for fun activities.

Small Foot: the pocket snowshoes


Small Foot snowshoes are inflatable snowshoes that claimed to be the world’s most compact ultralight snowshoes. The snowshoe weights only 184 grams for a pair. It is said to be easy to inflate, deflate put on and put off. The snowshoes are so comfortable to the point that you will forget you are wearing snowshoes. They are also compatible with all types and sizes of boots. A set of the snowshoes comes with a pair of front crampons, a mini pump, a deflation cap, a repair kit, an emergency mirror and whistle.

Cobra JumPack: power bank and jump starter


One of the most annoying problem in winter is that our electric devices, especially smartphones, run out of power more quickly in cold weather. This power pack is the solution. Its 7500 mAh Lithium-Cobalt battery can quickly charge your smart phones, digital camera, tablets and other devices. But the most special feature of Cobra JumPack is an ability to jump-start your car, motorcycle, boat or snowmobile. With the size of 128 x 73 x 25 mm and the weight of only 300 grams, JumPack fits easily into your pocket or purse. It also has a built-in LED flashlight. This power bank is very suitable for northern lights chasers.

Kjus BT Gloves: gloves or gadget?


What is so special about this glove? It might look just like a normal boring black glove, but you can pick up your phone calls with this glove! Talking into your glove? Yes. Kjus BT Glove is actually a Bluetooth headset. It solves the problem of freezing hand or dropping the phone when you are trying to answer your phone outdoor. There is a button for picking up phone calls on the glove, so you don’t need to take off your glove or search for your phone to answer a call anymore.

SubQ Designs’ Jackson Airbag Jacket: avalanche airbag jacket


Avalanche airbags in backpacks are quite common nowadays, but some skiers would prefer to ski without backpacks. SubQ Design created Jackson Airbag Jacket for this reason. The jacket is equipped with two 170-liters airbags on the sides. The harness that holds the airbags also has ski and snowboard carry strap. In addition, the jacket has an easy access beacon pocket which is an important thing in order to survive in an avalanche.

FNDN Heated Scarf: the warm and soft scarf


This trendy super soft scarf is made of ultra-soft microfiber and comes with a large 32.5 x 8 inch heated surface area. It also has a button with 3 heating mode. The rechargeable battery works for 4.5 hours on a single charge.

Nemo Canon -40 Sleeping Bag: the warmest sleeping bag


This award-winning sleeping bag is said to be the best sleeping bag for winter. It has the patent pending Thermo Gills which regulates the temperature inside the sleeping bag while keeping the cold air out. The tunnel hood has a warm air pocket to prevent cold air from coming in which can cause breathing difficulty. Two arm-zippers complete the design so you can stay warm inside the bag while sipping your coffee.

Meindl Retractable Spike Boots: boots with built-in spikes


We all have experienced the funny moments when the roads of Tromsø turned into ice skating rink. Carrying dirty spikes is not cool and stepping into buildings with your spikes on is also an act of vandalism. Meindl retractable spike boots come to the rescue. You don’t even need to touch the dirty part of your boots to retract the spikes. Simply turn the dials on the heel and you are good to go on the ice. These boots are also very well insulated and waterproof.

Mattracks Powerboard: snowboarding anywhere


While hoverboard and Segway just stay home in winter, Mattracks Powerboard replaces them out in the snow. This vehicle resembles a scooter but the rider’s position is similar to snowboarding. Operating with a 200cc engine, Powerboard can climb to any snow covered hills. It uses sturdy rubber tracks that can also carve the snow like a snowboard does when the rider leans his or her body to one side of the vehicle.