Foto: Luca Gulino

A journey to the sky

To be surprised; that is why you go walking into the wild. We had little idea about our path, but once we were there, all our plans vanished.

Journalist: Luca Gulino

It was during the summer of 2013 in the Mercantour National Park, in France. We went for a hike with a couple of friends as we often did. But this time it was different. Our plan was a three hour trip to reach the awesome lake of Trecolpas – known for its unique colors. It is a peaceful place between two great peaks, “La cime de Baissette” and “La cime de l’Agnellière”. Despite our expectations, the journey to the lake took us only two hours. Eventually we were a little bit disappointed as we were seeking a longer adventure. It was obvious for all of us: we wanted to go higher! Maybe because this is the real purpose of those kinds of activities – pushing the limits.

Here we go! We started to walk again. Not walking, but almost climbing to reach a steep plateau called “Le Pas des Ladres,” meaning “The path of the thieves” because of the Italian sheep thieves who used to pass by that razor sharp road. It took us more than hour to go up, but it was worth it – the view was extraordinary. We were surrounded by two completely different looking valleys. The one behind us, with its magical lake was covered with every possible hue of green. The valley in front of us though, was grey and yellow; a desert-like   twist. The difference was astonishing.

Suddenly we met two other hikers. They asked us if we wanted to follow their lead to one of the highest peaks in the area, “La cime de l’Agnellière” – 2700m. We said “Yes” without any hesitation. What an incredible journey to reach the sky! It wasn’t easy but we were almost touching the clouds… going higher and higher with amazing people around. I wish everybody could experience that! When we finally arrived at the top, the view was breathtaking. We were gazing over all of the national park for almost one hour without saying anything. The hardest part was getting back down, after all we saw. We wished for the journey to never stop.

Finally the hike took us eight magical hours, and we climbed almost 1100m. We left with so many memories. Now I am in Tromsø and I’m looking forward to seeing what these mountains are hiding for me!