10 Ways to Make a Student’s Life Easier

A student’s life can be pretty tough. Juggling studying with a part-time job is already quite challenging, let alone having to live in a small shared space with dozens of other students. Moreover, a student is almost constantly chased by assignment deadlines and preparation for exams. A student is always expected to be well organized and on time. A student has to cook his or her own (hopefully healthy) meals, do his or her own laundry and the list goes on. Thanks to recent innovations, life as a student might now be easier. Here are 10 innovations to not only ease the pain of the student lifestyle, but also to add a lot of fun.

Text: Yati Chen

  1. Wake up early and exercise with Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock


Also referred to as the “dumbbell alarm clock”, this clock will make sure that you wake up and exercise immediately without the possibility of snoozing. You have to do 30 bicep reps to turn off the alarm and best of all: no cheating! The alarm clock is equipped with motion sensors, so it ‘knows’ how many reps you have really done. This is a perfect alarm clock for the laziest morning sloth.

  1. Make your breakfast with the 3 In 1 Breakfast Maker

3in1breakfastmaker_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

After waking up and exercising, the best thing is a hot breakfast. The 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker is a simple yet functionally complete appliance which is a combination of an oven, a frying pan and a coffee maker. The coffee maker has a 4 cup capacity whilst the oven has a 15-minute timer. What’s more, the frying pan uses the heat from the oven and has a 6-inch diameter. With this space-saving appliance, you can make your toast, fry your egg and brew your coffee at the same time, using the same equipment.

  1. Wear Shreddies Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

shreddiesunderwear_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

As the name suggests, this underwear filters your flatulence odor so you don’t have to worry when you are letting out that uncomfortable gas in class or on a bus. The filtering garments feature an activated carbon lining that absorbs all flatulence odors, thus no smell will escape. Not only underwear, Shreddies now also sell a collection of jeans and pyjamas. But beware! Shreddies only absorb the odor, not the sound!

  1. Carry Tylt Energi+ Backpack


Wake up, exercise, eat breakfast, wear Shreddies. Now it’s time to go to university. Grab your backpack, but not just any old backpack. Tylt Energi+ backpack comes with a massive 4.1A battery which can charge three devices at the same time. The cable routing system from the battery is smartly connected to the device compartments. This backpack has 13 compartments in total (including a fold-out mesh bag for a water bottle), a 24-liter capacity and weighs 2 kg including the battery.

  1. Type your assignments with Celluon Laser Keyboard

celluonlaserkeyboard_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to your bulky, regular keyboard. Celluon Laser Keyboard is even smaller than a smartphone but it can project a full size keyboard on any flat and opaque surface, so you can type anywhere. It is compatible with any device that uses either an iOS4+, Android 4.0+, Mac OS X 10+ or Windows XP+ operating system, even Blackberry 10. It also has adjustable brightness, sensitivity and sound feedback.

  1. Take note with Echo Livescribe Pen

echolivescribepen_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

There are smartphones, smart watches and now smartpens. Echo Livescribe Pen promises that what starts on paper, doesn’t have to stay there. Paired with a special paper notebook and the Livescribe app, this smart pen will record everything you write in the notebook, digitally. You don’t need to type-up those important lectures anymore, because you can upload them to your computer. In addition, the smartpen can also record the audio synchronized with your note-taking. It means that you can read your notes while listening to the explanation of your lecturers.

  1. Use and share Yanko Design’s Rotating Lego Sockets


The shapes of our laptop chargers are sometimes quite troublesome when we have limited power sockets in class. The battle begins when everyone is out of power and needs to charge their laptop. Even when there are enough sockets, the shapes and sizes of the chargers sometimes means we can’t plug them in simultaneously. Yanko Design have solved this problem by creating rotating Lego sockets. The sockets can be assembled and separated exactly like our Lego toys. Plus, each section of the socket can be rotated. No matter what kind of shape your charger has, you can definitely share the sockets with your friends. No more fighting for power supply.

  1. Don’t forget to bring Senz Stormproof Umbrella

senzstormproofumbrella_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

Now it is spring in Tromsø and the rain is coming again. We all know how the wind in Tromsø forces us to wear a waterproof jacket or a raincoat instead of using an umbrella. However, for some people, a waterproof jacket is not a particularly stylish choice. For these people, Senz Stormproof umbrella might be the answer to their prayers. This specially designed umbrella has been tested in 100 km/h wind and its asymmetrical shape lets you adapt to the ever changing wind direction. It promises to not let you down in stormy weather.

  1. Save your favorite cup with Lock Cup

lockcup_10thingstomakeastudentslifeeasier_yati - Copy

If you live in student housing and always lose your favorite cup because someone else is always using it, look no further. Now you will have a new favorite cup. Lock Cup has a hole that will prevent others from using it. The hole can only be closed with a special key, which you can keep in your pocket.

  1. Keep your food in The Kitchen Safe


This box will end the mysteries of missing food in your fridge. The Kitchen Safe is a clear box with a lid equipped with a timer lock. Once you set the timer and lock, the box can’t be opened until the timer reaches zero. There are different dimensions available for this box, since temptations come in different sizes.