Halloween on Planet Transsexual – The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Tromsø

A scary scientist, a freshly engaged couple and a screaming audience – dozens of visitors could take part on the interactive screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on Friday evening, 28th of October at Hålogaland Teater in Tromsø.

Author: Franziska Schäfer

The show had already begun before the actual movie started: Dressed-up actors from the Theatre Aksen in Tromsø welcomed the audience by performing a short and animating dance session. When the movie kicked off, the visitors could experience a new kind of motion picture presentation. Additional to the film projected on a big screen, the actors synchronously played the plot on a separate stage without sound.

Photo: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The most interesting thing here: The audience was included in the actions. Equipped with a special movie script and several accessories, they could participate in the actual plot by dancing, singing, screaming, yelling, acting or throwing things. Brief summary of the story: Two young lovers accidentally enter the residence of the crazy scientist Dr. Frank N. Furter and are faced with fear, violence and sexual seduction. In pauses, the audience yelled phrases like: “Say it, asshole” or expressions more connected to the plot. During a wedding scene, they threw confetti, while during a raining scene, they were supposed to cover their head with newspaper like the characters in the movie. The musical film conveyed an upsetting and thrilling atmosphere that was supported by the Halloween costumes of many of the visitors. During the show, there was a lot of laughter and dancing that turned the unsettling and creepy movie into a funny and exciting show.