Foto: Ola Røe, Hålogaland Teater

Not just A Christmas Carol…

It is much more than that! It is magical and at the same time both humorous and terrifying – a piece of theater that manages to bring the Christmas spirit to Tromsø.

Written by Marie Søndergaard

Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Ketil Høegh, is a rich, old and bitter man who definitely hates Christmas. You get this impression straight from the beginning of the act. The last thing he wants to hear is “Merry Christmas” or any other things related to Christmas. He just wants to be on his own and to work, but this is a fairytale, and Mr. Scrooges changes after three spirits have visited him. One spirit shows him the past, one the present and one the future. Through a series of events he realizes that he is missing J-O-Y in his life, and that life offers much more than just counting money.

This is definitely Ketil Høeghs big chance to shine – and he does that with bravery from the beginning of the performance to the end. He plays Ebenezer Scrooge, who is loud and powerful in his lines; this is both when he has the role of the greedy Scrooge and the very generous man.

All the actors do an amazing job! I would especially like to highlight Anneli Drecker who is the spirit of the present. Taking this role after Maryon Eilertsen is not an easy thing to do – however, she manages to follow the footsteps of her! Maryon was missed on the stage, but Anneli excellently performs and succeeds in adding some personality to the character.

Foto: Ola Røe, Hålogaland Teater
Foto: Ola Røe, Hålogaland Teater

It may happen that the youngest children need a hand to clench when Scrooge is at his most frightening stage of act. Or when his spirits are. But the piece still encourages the audience to have a lot of fun while there is a lot happening in front of them. It is, therefore, impossible not to notice the Gjermund Andresen’s great work with the scenography. A scenography which is constantly in motion. In and out with bed, table, gravestones and much more. There is an impressive flow – especially during the second act.

The actors manage to deliver Charles Dickens’ message to the audience, which was that we all should enjoy life because we have only one chance, and most importantly in the spirit of the Christmas, that Christmas is the time of year when everybody should rejoice and be happy.

It is definitely a good entertainment for the whole family, for all ages, which was reflected with the audience present at the premiere.

Impressive and excellent performance!

It is possible to experience “Et Juleeventyr” from November, the 3rd until December, the 17th.