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Moving from sympathy to love

“Julie + Romeo”, by Katja Lindeberg, was performed in Rådstua theater.

Text: Liza Lamova

If you want to see a classical Shakespeare play, this performance is certainly not for you, not at all. The only Shakespeare remaining can be found in the names of main characters and in an excerpt from the balcony scene. The story presented in the show is completely different from the tragedy’s plot.

So what is “Julie and Romeo” about? Actually, it’s about love. Is love enough for a happy married life? What does love consist of? When does sympathy turn into love? These questions are important to the show’s producer, Katja Lindeberg. Made in an interactive form – where the audience participate in the show, making it more interesting to watch – the show is entertaining first and foremost, but nothing more. Juliet and Romeo marry after meeting each other at a ball and trying to deal with different habits and misunderstanding. They are a ‘modern’ just-married couple, with a grill, a fridge filled with bear and a lawn mower. What’s interesting to note, is that the main characters were wearing red clown noses.

Throughout almost all of the show, Romeo and Juliet quarrel, forgive each other and go back to quarrelling again. They are like children: both of them do not seem to understand what love involves, including respect and patience. Funny dialogues, the absurdity of the situation and the use of modern equipment all influence the show and make it hilarious. However, when Julie left the stage after one row, the tone of the show changed. It was time to pull off the clown noses and start to love for real, instead of playing at it. Shakespeare’s play is called “Romeo and Juliet” and this show: “Julie and Romeo”, maybe because the female character found the strength to come back and grow up. It is up to you to decide.