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Under the cascading moonlight

Ever since Delain have started a career as a musical project featuring many renowned figures from symphonic metal scene, they have gone through quite huge changes. Their first album was quite like typical female-fronted gothic metal, but as they established themselves as a live band with their second album they successfully paved their way towards the trademark sound, which is a silky mixture of catchy, pop-like sound and symphonic metal. While their third album displayed the most pop-like sound with deeply personal lyrics, they tried to incorporate heavy sound into their songs in the fourth album. However, it seemed that their desire towards heavier sound did not come to fruition and their fourth album ended up with somewhat bland sound. So let’s see what’s in our new gift box from Delain.

The album opens itself with «Hands of Gold», which is definitely not a typical Delain song. Delain show an ambition to go heavier than ever by placing this song on the first track, and it successfully performs its role. You still can see typical Delain in songs like «Suckerpunch» and «Turn the Lights Out», but then a straightforward song like «Fire with Fire» might hit you with a surprise. «The Glory and the Scum» and «Pendulum» are the meeting point of old Delain and new Delain- mystical and subtle, yet heavy and provocative at the same time. «Danse Macabre» reminds of the old, old Delain, when they were called a gothic metal band. Epicness is everywhere to be found, even in the softest songs such as «Hurricane» and «Chrysalis – The Last Breath». The cover version of «Scandal» by Queen is a delightful treat. The last track «Monarch» sums up the album with a delicate yet epic sound.

It seems that their fifth full-length album <Moonbathers> has everything Delainers could ask for. The delicate, mystical ambience of <Lucidity>, the silky, catchy sound of <April Rain>, the modern, personal feeling of <We Are the Others>, the heaviness <The Human Contradiction> wished to incorporate – you name it. On top of it, there is epicness seeping through the whole time. At this point I cannot help that the title of the album is so appropriate- listening to <Moonbathers> just feels like standing naked under the cascading moonlight.

Band: Delain

Album: Moonbathers

Label: Napalm Records

Raiting: 9/10

Text: Yeonwoo Baik