Troy Shall Fall Again!

Artist: The Fall of Troy

Album: OK

Label: no label, self-released

Score: 7 broken ribs out of 6

 Text: George Stoica

WHAAARRRGHHHH!!! GLORRRRGH!!! AAARRRRGLAAARBLAAAARGH!!! That is about as coherent as I could be when I first found out that, after almost 5 years, the idiots that made up The Fall of Troy were not only reuniting but recording a new album as well. Well, break all the windows and tear out the toilet seat if that doesn’t sound like the first piece of really good news this year! After teasing us forever with their dumbassery, in the form of ridiculous short videos on their Facebook page, a few weeks ago their first new song was posted online. This was followed by the band posting their entire album for free this April 20th. Stop smiling; let’s see what it’s all about.

The Fall of Troy is most notorious for their lead man’s almost obscene and insulting ability to sing while ripping some insanely crazy guitar parts. I swear to the god of broken guitars that I haven’t seen someone abuse open-string tapping so well since Brent Hinds, and that vibe is back in full force here. While the tone is slightly less abrasive overall, which is a shame, there is absolutely no downtime while listening to this album. It’s like curing a headache with a hammer to the face.

What I like most about OK is the blend of beautiful melody and full-out kick-in-the-teeth energy. Their earlier albums were like one big party that destroyed the furniture, tore down the curtains and left everyone in the hospital. After that destructive spiral, which was simultaneous with their real-life substance abuse and eventual breakup, OK comes about as a sort of look back towards those times, but without the sappy nostalgia you would expect from any other band. Oh no, even nostalgia and retrospection are done Fall-of-Troy style. There’s no better way to reminisce about the past than taking it and thrashing it around until your nose bleeds. It’s cathartic to the extreme. While there are no songs that blast off in the incomparable style of “Just Got This Symphony Going” for example, the album does grow on you very quickly, and you’ll soon feel that old feeling of a tune grabbing you by the hair and throwing you against the wall! What a blast!

The beautiful yet sparse melodic riffs provide short glimpses of a world somewhere between the sunset-tinted world of some suburban misfits and the more weary view of a person who has gone through the meat grinder and come out the other side. “Your Loss” is a perfect example, but there are plenty others. I appreciate the fact that, unlike other hardcore-derived bands, The Fall of Troy has always known how to execute the ups and downs that a song should have in order to keep the listener interested. In this sense, there is nothing innovative about the style of this new album (except maybe that short reggae-like passage in “401k”, but what do you expect from three lunatics?) and neither does there need to be. I’m just glad to hear new things from them, and it gives me hope that maybe soon we might hear about a new Dillinger Escape Plan album, or something similar.

Long ago, when I first discovered The Fall of Troy, the first thing I did was to go online and tell them “You guys are a bunch of psychos and I love you!” They were, unsurprisingly, very appreciative. Nothing has changed in that regard. The attitude is the same, wild and reckless, though it comes after some very hard lessons. The humility and gratitude they showed in their message announcing the free album was more than enough evidence of this. Kind at heart, but always ready to party, I think that is the spirit of the album. The only thing I’m sorry they didn’t bring back is the habit of giving their songs the most idiotic titles, such as the classics “Mouths like Sidewinder Missiles”, “We Better Learn to Hotwire a Uterus” and “F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P.”. Don’t Google that last one; you’re better off not knowing.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend this band to anyone, they are that good. To those who don’t know them, they are what happens when you put three hyperactive knuckleheads (who are at the same time very technically proficient at their instruments) in a room with instruments and tell them that they have to tear the whole place down using only the power of music. Then you come back five minutes later and find that the whole neighborhood looks like it was hit by a moshpit crashing in from orbit and no one can remember their own name. Welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you so much!