Foto: Yukina Okazaki

Tradition is trendy – Folk music with Odde and Holmen

Folk music can be popular and inspiring for young people – this was demonstrated by Sivert Andreas Holmen and Björn Kare Odde on Thursday evening, 6th October at Rådstua Teaterhus.

Text: Franziska Shepherd

The two young folk musicians entertained around 30 visitors by playing 14 folk songs on their fiddles, including two own compositions. What was special here: for every song, they used a particular combination of fiddles. “We are playing six different kinds of fiddles that are varying in their pitches”, said Holmen. “Especially the Hardanger fiddle is used originally to play Norwegian music.” Some of the fiddles were traditionally decorated with wooden carving and rose paintings, making the instrument looked even more Norwegian. Odde and Holmen, which are both only 24 years old, met when they were kids in a dancing class for folk music. From their youth, they have been fascinated by this traditional kind of music. You could see this by their performance: every song was given an individual nuance, which was highly appreciated by the audience. The selection of the songs included calm and contemplative as well as fast and exciting plays. When almost all ages were represented in the audience, especially the young people were dancing at the folk music party after the actual concert.

Photo: Yukina Okazaki
Photo: Yukina Okazaki