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These raw hearts put all of their freshly pulsing blood into a story-telling conceptual album.

Overall that seems to have been successful. When the changing moods, the plot of the story has its parts (exposition, rising action, resolution). A little bit of everything has its chance to shine and the whole album has the perfect length for easy-listening. However, the concept seems to be balanced too much and doesn’t bring much interest when heard repetitively.

Indie style of the opening song is rocking down to folk and sense of pop. The feeling of something missing sticks its evil horns here. Perhaps when you don’t understand Norwegian and have to look for translation, the concept flows through the fingers too easily. That would be understandable for the music, but not for the album. The concept of an album, when one is talking about it, should be held in the music as well.

Still the album is well prepared – ignoring the concept – and the listener can enjoy the music, which appears to be thought-through and is an interesting combination of folk-rock spiced with electronical features.

The story of the Ballad then seems a little simple, but best for the first choose.

All of the 8 songs still hold together and each of them makes a good background to one’s earplugs, without feeling disturbed from your comfort zone.

Final resolution: the album doesn’t surprise, doesn’t hurt, but being the band’s first concept album it promises a good direction of these new folk-rock members.

Artist: Hjerterå

Album: Balladen om Jonny og Jeanette

Date of release: 23rd September 2016

Record Label: Finito Bacalao Records

Rating: 3/6

Text: Anežka Prosecká