Foto: Linnea Nordström

The Stadium Rockers and the Watering Hole

Violet_Road_Linnea Nordström2
Foto: Linnea Nordström

When a hugely popular band takes over a dingy pub, awesomeness ensues.


At this point, VIOLET ROAD is probably the biggest North-Norwegian band out there and one of the most popular bands in the whole country. They’ve gotten so big in fact, that most of their concerts have to take place on huge outdoor stages, most often during the occasion of summer festivals. Not this time though: the guys of VIOLET ROAD wanted to deliver something special and they sure did: taking advantage of the re-opening of one Tromsø’s most historic pubs, Prelaten, they took over the stage for two consecutive evenings in early October and gave a most exquisite performance.


Blending in old classics and newer favorites, the band revisited their entire back-catalogue and even played two songs off of their little-known self-released first album Letters. What made this intimate concert really intimate though, was everything that happened in between the songs; the band members explained the origin of some songs, made jokes about others and were overall very entertaining. Even though probably about half the duration of the whole concert was made up of these ´in-between´ segments, they never felt boring or forced. If they wanted to, these guys could change gear and turn into stand-up comedians in no time!


Musically speaking, the band members distinguished themselves by re-arranging most of their old songs, which only made the whole experience even more exciting. They were even kind enough to play some of the songs which are going to come out on their brand new album sometime early next year and those fit very well into the whole set. As usual, the band performed their circus-like bass-solo medley, which was even more impressive than usual, with four members out of five actually playing the bass at the same time. How do these guys come up with ideas like that? Still, the best moment of the evening was its ending when VIOLET ROAD performed their good old cover of the Cure song ´Friday´ but also, unexpectedly enough, ´We Owe it to the Night´ which is one of their very best songs.


All in all, the quintet made quite an impression on an audience which was already conquered by them a long time ago, which in itself, is also a meaningful feat. The band proved that far from becoming Rock dinosaurs, VIOLET ROAD is still the same band of goofy northerners with funny hats, which we have always known.