Foto: Jennifer Britt Lundberg Hansen

The Late Great concert

Hometown folk rock band The Late Great played an impressive show in front of friends and fans.

I went to see The Late Great at Blårock Café Friday, November 25th, 2016 @ 10pm. The band did not start playing until 11:30 pm, but that didn’t stop it from being a fun-filled Friday night. First, there was an opening band called A Million Pineapples. Despite their troubles with a broken guitar string and tuning problems, they toughed it out and warmed up the crowd quite exquisitely. This young Tromsø band was quite different from the main band which I found rather unique. This may help The Late Great attract other demographics to their performances.

The Late Great is a hometown folk rock band fronted by singer and songwriter Tor Thomassen. His fine vocal melody and storytelling are a little reminiscent of Bob Dylan. Having read the favorable local news headlines about The Late Great, I was curious to see this band perform live. In anticipation for the show I listened to their music for about a week. I had not heard anything from them before, their music takes more than a couple of listens to really get into. After a few days the music grew on me and I was very excited to be able to see them perform live. Especially after viewing an online clip of them performing, it sounded amazing and it didn’t sound like it was live. The fine combination of instrumental sounds gave me chills and set the bar very high for my expectations.

The venue sounded like a good place to hold this concert even though I’ve only been there twice before. All I remembered was that there were a lot of stairs at Blårock. I was reminded of this when I got there, as the stage was situated on the 3rd floor in between two staircases. With drums on the ceiling, it was quite an interesting but very tight space to hold a concert. Normally I like these sorts of venues, no matter how popular the band is, but with the stairs being crowded with people, it felt very claustrophobic. However, that didn’t stop people from having a magnificent time. There was dancing and singing throughout the night. It was obvious that this band is much loved in Tromsø.

They played my favorite song “Seven Bright Seas” and several other crowd pleasers, titles that I am not familiar with. They sounded great and I was amazed by their playing skills on such a small stage. I was fairly impressed by The Late Great, and they might join the likes of LÜT and Ondt Blod as my favorite Tromsø based band. The highlight of the night was when the crowd didn’t want the night to end. The band had nowhere to go for the traditional encore clapping so they just continued to play. A sing-along concluded the night with monstrous applause at the end. To sum it up, six grown men on a tiny stage rocked the town at Blårock Café last Friday night.

Event: The Late Great concert

Venue: Blårock Café

Date: Friday, November 25th, 2016 @ 10PM

Text: Jennifer Britt Lundberg Hansen