The fuss about it was well founded

Artist: Iggy Pop

Album: Post Pop Depression

Record Label: Loma Vista Recordings

Rating: 6/6


TEXT: Stefanie Singh

Punk rock legend Iggy Pop teamed up with Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme for a secret album. This news made quite a splash when it was announced on January 21st 2016. The collaboration was met with high expectations, even higher given the excessive media coverage and the ticket prices for the upcoming common tour being anything but humble. The dark side of «Post Pop Depression» is the Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, one of Josh Homme’s other bands, which turned into a horrible massacre on November 13th 2015; furthermore, Iggy Pop’s longtime friend and collaborator David Bowie succumbed to liver cancer on January 10th 2016. «Post Pop Depression» was created in truly dark times, but contrary to its title, the record turns out to be a ray of hope that outshines them.

«I’m gonna break into your heart»: No sooner is the first line of the homonymous opener sung that one is already spellbound by the album. It’s unbelievable how well the voices of Iggy Pop and Josh Homme harmonise in reality, and Iggy Pop’s seventeenth opus sounds a bit like the Queens Of The Stone Age album one was waiting for ever since the brilliant «Lullabies To Paralyze» came out in 2005. This applies, amongst others, to the track «Vulture». «In The Lobby», on the other hand, is reminiscent of the psychedelic sound of The Doors. The slightly funky «Sunday» somehow ends with female vocals and an orchestra, while the final «Paraguay» begins a cappella, features a similar «la-la-la» part as Iggy Pop’s mega-hit «The Passenger» and ends with gospel and rants. «Post Pop Depression» certainly doesn’t play by the rules – and that’s not the only reason why one can count on it being a classic in the future.