Foto: Varvara Alekseeva

The Concert of Cazadores – Jump Into The Party

The supporting band Virkelig created a great base for the following show. With perfect, glossy equipment, slim jeans and fresh haircuts they provided a nice example of high-school groups with a well-working sound. They energized the half-filled auditorium and it was obvious, how the environment naturally accepted them. Virkelig lived through each melody.

Photo: Varvara Alekseeva
«Virkelig» Photo: Varvara Alekseeva

After half an hour pause the main show could begin. And the night was on. The auditorium was filled immediately when the musicians approached their instruments. The audience was already in a good-late-evening-alcoholically-foggy mood and went along with the music and the movements easily.

The frontman of Cazadores shone with self-confidence. However, his vocal range could appreciate deeper exploration. His voice was too high, but that was expectable with this pop-rock style. Two guitars, one bass, a double keyboard and drums completed the setup. All of the six members made the impression of single individuals playing on their own. Luckily, this did not disturb the complexity of the songs. Cazadores were singing mainly in English, but they also pleased the audience with some Norwegian songs.

Photo: Varvara Alekseeva
Photo: Varvara Alekseeva

The light show created a great party atmosphere and the sound was well managed, as it was mentioned with the support band, even though the front guitar player was constantly performing interesting dance moves, suggesting he wanted changes in his sound.

The concert was hold on a top level, people were jumping and dancing and drinking and laughing and loudly enjoying the whole performance. That included also playing football with a smartphone… =)

Text: Anežka Prosecká