Foto: Daniel Mikkelsen

Taste the Space!

Let’s introduce Raketten (the Rocket) one of the smallest pubs in the whole of Norway, and one of the oldest buildings in Tromsø. From last year the little kiosks rise as a little rocket with the purpose of bringing people into space with its incredible Hot dogs and locally brewed beer.

Text: Luca Gulino // Photo: Daniel Mikkelsen

The end of the summer is close! But before that, the great city of Tromsø will travel into Outer space. In fact the 28th and the 29th of August one of the biggest events of the North will take place: Rakettnatt! For this occasion we’ve asked more information about the Festival from the person in charge of Raketten, Katrine Eimhjellen Blom.

U – How did the idea of Rakettnatt come to existence?
K – It all started up a year and a half ago with a festival concept called «Polaria Music Fest – And the Hidden Secrets of The Barents Sea». We were meant to have the whole thing inside the old Mack building with a capacity of about 4000 people. We were going to use visuals and 3D mapping to transform that big space, to give the feeling of being under the surface of the ocean and especially focus on the little microscopic planktons that looks so incredibly visually cool and are also the reason we can all live up here. The bloom of these algae are what makes the Barents Sea come to life, so we wanted to make a celebration of exactly this with a music festival.

The deal we had with the building owners fell though in the last minute, and we had to move it. The city were kind enough to let us use the main square in the city center of Tromsø «Stortorget» and we were able to pull off a one day festival with the name of Polaria Music Fest. It did not keep its original underwater concept of course, and when we after acknowledging that this square actually was the perfect location for a fantastic urban music festival, we were ready to give it a new concept. And with the little mascot of Tromsø «Raketten» (The Rocket), the tiny little bar and hotdog stand that has been in the heart of every Tromsø local for over 100 years perfectly located in the middle of this square, it was easy to find our new way to celebrate this city. We were about to take the concept from underwater to outer space! And with Tromsø also being the space capital of Norway and one of the most important space tech suppliers in Europe, we found the whole name and concept to be super fitting. It also gives us a whole universe of interesting visual and conceptual content to build on. And in my opinion that is the most fun part of making something like this happen.

U – What makes the Rakettnatt Festival so unique?

K – It`s a very urban festival including all the bars and restaurants that are already located in this square, but also being urban it is of course still located up in the remote and exotic arctic with the ocean and mountains as our beautiful surroundings.
U – What is the most motivating thing about organizing such a festival?

K – Right now it is seeing that all that hard work we have been putting into this during the last year, is building up into such a positive energy in the city as a whole. People are really excited and that makes it so fun to work with!

U – What about the Spaceman? How the idea of a «visitor from outer space» come to mind? Tell us more about that mysterious guy!

K – The astronaut you mean? Yes, well of course we needed an astronaut to guide us through this vast universe of big stars taking this city to the skies the last weekend of august!

U – A few words about the idea of the «Solar system» decoration, to tease the public?

K – The solar system, yes that is also a hot topic here at the festival office. A logistical headache for our logistic team but a visual dream for our designers, so we are very excited to see what will happen in the end.

U – What are your expectations for this first edition?

K – Rocket high of course!