Foto: Foto: Linnea Nordström

Stadium Rocking Extravaganza

The show Cazadores and Co. gave at the Edge was one for the History books, no less.

Cazadores managed to break out of anonymity two years ago when they released the critically and popularity acclaimed ´Hyperion Days´ album. Seemingly overnight, Tromsø had welcomed another amazing band with well-deserved mass-appeal. Two years later, the band decided to mark the release of their sophomore album with a grand show at the majestic Edge Hotel.

Opening for the quintet were the locals of Resirkulert and Red Headed Sluts. Unfortunately, because of some scheduling issues, Utropia wasn’t able to be there on time for the show of the former. The latter, though, did a good job at warming up the crowd, a rather feminine and upscale crowd that is. The Sluts’ quirky Garage Rock was very well-received by the public. It is just a pity they went over the official limit of slow songs allowed at a Rock concert –  0, that is  – because their fast-paced hits are much, much cooler than their more sluggish counterparts.

Foto: Linnea Nordström
Foto: Linnea Nordström

Shortly after the end of the Slutties’ set, Cazadores took over the stage by way of a weird, yet surprisingly catchy, electro-industrial introduction. What happened next can only be described as a Roman triumph. Playing for a packed house (there were close to 1000 attendees), the quintet delivered the goods in the form of a ridiculously heavy set. Songs both old and new came out completely transformed; gone was the soft eighties touch the band has adopted on record, what happened on stage instead was nothing short of a massive Arena-Rock blow, received with unadulterated frenzy by the attendees.

This feeling of witnessing an almost tough-guy-ish gig was only reinforced by the impressive pyrotechnics that cleverly popped-up (literally) once every few songs. While it wasn’t Rammstein yet, this was a welcome addition to the overall concert-experience and added to the feeling that the whole evening was taking place in a big city somewhere South of the Arctic Circle and not in good old Tromsø. In addition to these already great points, the band made sure to get the very best sound-artists behind the mixing table, which led to near-perfect sound the whole evening long.

Foto: Linnea Nordström
Foto: Linnea Nordström

When Cazadores finally called it quits, after close to two intense rocking hours, the audience was beyond conquered and in an overall grand mood. Through this winning concert, Cazadores proved that they are both gifted musicians and supreme entertainers. What a pride it is to have those cutie boys in town!

Author: Lyonel Perabo