Sounds Good!

Album: Sounds Good!

Artist: Ole & Silje Huleboer

Label: Bangles & Brass Records

Score: 6/6

Text: George Stoica

There is an undeniable tendency for bands around the world to emulate the so-called “western styles” of either Britain or the United States, and for each project succeeds in this respect there are thousands of others whose efforts come across as either undeveloped, superficial or just plain bad. Ole & Silje is not one of those thousands. This beautiful little gem of an album is something you’ll wish you had in teddy bear form so you can cuddle it. It’s hard not to smile at the crystalline quality of the songs and the simplicity of their form. It’s just a clean guitar, a talented voice and some serious songwriting chops.

If there was one thing I’d complain about it would be that some of the songs are so achingly short, but even that works in the album’s favor. The songs come across as little vignettes set in colorful frames, each one delightfully sweet in its own way. Some have a lovely and tastefully subdued British folk influence while others are more like little ballads. Silje’s bird-like voice does a wonderful job of conveying a range of emotions, all backed up by Ole’s spot-on guitar work. I really can’t find a proper way to explain how precious this little album sounds. I say “little” not because of the length of the songs, but because it has a way of evoking those little moments which are all the more valuable because they don’t last. Whatever your musical preferences are, give it a try. It soothes, it moves, it works. I can’t think of a more appropriate album title than the one they chose, and I can’t wait to hear more!