Foto: Adnan Kahn

Regn fra blå himmel – Gabrielle in Tromsø

 Vibrant colors, bright lights and remarkable voice. The Norwegian Electro pop singer Gabrielle performed at DRIV on the 19th of March, and made an impressive show.

Journalist: Boyka Todorova

“Regner fra blå himmel Og ingen andre ser det”. It wasn’t raining- but snowing, and the sky wasn’t blue, but mostly cloudy. However despite the bad weather DRIV was full of young people, singing loudly along with each song Gabrielle performed that night. The singer from Bergen jumped on the stage with a lot of enthusiasm and party mood from the very first moment. This cheerful attitude remained until the very end of the spectacle. She had selected several songs, offering the audience their most beloved hits like “Løkken” and “5 fine frøkner”. In return the public offered her its voice. There were so many people singing, knowing by heart each line from the song’s lyrics. Girls were jumping and dancing, happy to see the singer in front of them. Gabrielle was talking and joking before almost every song, making the people in the concert feel closer to her. What contributed to the show being so special were also the beautiful light effects. Gabrielle was looking gorgeous in the smoky lights on-stage. Oh, we must also mention the unique microphone holder – shining with bright white light. A fancy and catchy accessory.

After the concert finished the musicians left the stage, but the public wanted more. Happily for them, Gabrielle returned and sang one last song for all the people that came to the concert. It was an acoustic and slowed down version of “Regn fra blå himmel”. Despite hearing it for the second time that night – this second version of the song was pure sensuality and emotion.