Foto: Adrian Nysand

Rammstein på nynorsk – Rammsund in Tromsø

Although Tromsø is not known for being a mecca for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the program of DebutUKA provided on 22nd August 2015 also something for listeners of the rockier category: Since 2003, Rammsund have reinterpreted the original German lyrics of Rammstein in Nynorsk, hence they are much more than just another Rammstein cover band…

TEXT: Stefanie Singh // PHOTO: Adrian Nysand

The completely sold-out show in the small «Isbjørn scene» hall of «Studenthuset Driv» starts with «Lengsle» (Original title: «Sehnsucht»), followed by «Eg vil» («Ich will»). Rammsund demonstrate impressively that Rammstein’s music would also work without provocative lyrics and the usage of certain clichés. They do not even have the pyro effects Rammstein are sometimes most cheered for at their concerts.

The band from Norway’s capital Oslo knows how to win over the audience right away. It jumps, it headbangs, it raises the fists and devil’s horns into the air – and it sings along to songs like «Links 2-3-4», «Du duftar godt» («Du riechst so gut»), «Hjartet mitt brenn» («Mein Herz brennt»), «Du har» («Du hast») and «Gift deg med meg» («Heirate mich») vociferously. During the performance for «Ikkje lyst» («Keine Lust»), frontman Geir Ove Gråbein Nordby is jumping, too – on one of the boxes. Moreover, during «Sola» («Sonne»), at least some effects are brought out, thanks to the fog fountains located at the sides of the stage.

Only the Depeche Mode cover «Stripped» is sung in its original language, namely English. Just as Rammstein do it. And while singing «Speledåse», Nordby needs to read its lyrics from a sheet of paper. After all, «Spieluhr» was translated into Nynorsk and taken into the repertoire in May 2015.

Judging by the clothes, there are just a few rock and metal fans in the audience tonight, yet mosh pits are built up repeatedly. After the encores «Bensin» («Benzin»), «Reise, Reise» and «Fyr laus!» («Feuer frei!»), some attendees even attempt to crowd surf, but the party continues in the big «SNN scene» hall of «Studenthuset Driv» with the less rockish sounds of DJ EDGY EGG. Therefore, after the gig, there is nothing else to do for the rockers but to raid Rammsund’s merchandising booth. However, who hopes to find some treasuries for the CD rack at home will be disappointed: Since Rammstein do not allow the official release of their songs in other languages, «Rammstein på Nynorsk» can only be enjoyed during the live shows of Rammsund. Another reason not to miss the chance when the quartet plays a show near you…