Artist: Northern Lights

Album: Pulsar

Record Label: Northern Lights

Rating: 5/6


Music made for the sake of music, not for the thirst for fame


TEKST: Stefanie Singh

Although the name might suggest it, Northern Lights is not a Norwegian band, but a band from Germany whose songs are sung in English. On their brand new mini album «Pulsar», the songs are even exclusively in German, yet the quartet isn’t completely unknown in Norway. At least not their frontman Jonas Nay, whose performance of the main character Martin Rauch / Moritz Stamm in the TV series «Deutschland 83» (In Norwegian: «Tyskland 83»; broadcasted on NRK1) kept us in suspense this winter.

Northern Lights is consisting of four music students from Lübeck who are all specialised in jazz, so those who don’t take pleasure in hip hop and rap shouldn’t be put off by the beginning of the opener «Schlendrian»; it’s getting more jazzy once the catchy chorus starts. It’s similar with the tracks «Hänschen Klein» and «Sie Hält Dich Wach» for which a music video was shot. The chorus of the latter will stick in your ears and in your mind for quite a while.

Labelling their musical style as «Progressive Pop», the song «Tyrannosaurus Rex» lives up to that label the most. An unpredictable composition that would fit well on the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

The highlight of the EP is the ballad «Zeitlupe» which reminds us of walking through life instead of running through it. After all, our time in this world is limited.

Physical copies of «Pulsar» are available at the live concerts of Jonas (Vocals & Piano), David Grabowski (Vocals & Guitar), Franz Blumenthal (Bass) and Jon Klein (Drums). Those who don’t want to wait until the Northern Germans are coming to play some shows in Northern Norway can purchase the mini album in mp3 format via iTunes and