“On your marks, get set… GO PSYCHO!”


Album:  Set to Stun and the Desperado Undead

Record Label: Tragic Hero Records

Rating: 5/6

Release date: 27.11.15

Set to stun is a three-piece band from Southern California, consisting of Damien Wong (Vocals / Guitars), Taylor Wong (Bass / Vocals) and Marcus Molina (Drums). The band released their debut album on November 27, 2015. “Set to Stun and the Desperado Undead” is nothing like what you’re used to: it is something new, completely different and creative. The whole album has a theatrical feeling to it, like a musical. In these 11 songs you will find out about the main hero, Amadeus, and his long journey. This story has something to interest everyone. It is a story of love, war, murder, insanity, struggle and destiny.

This album is very interesting to listen to, not only by virtue of the intriguing story, but also in the fact that it has a very unique sound. It is really fascinating how many different genres have been combined into one crazy (but awesomely crazy) symphony.  Songs don’t follow the good old verse-chorus form and instead intonations and moods change rapidly, leaving the listener a little bit confused and excited. Besides, whilst listening, you will hear repetition of lyrics from previous songs, continuing and connecting the whole story.

If you like post-hardcore, then “Set to Stun and the Desperado Undead” is definitely an album to listen to.