Foto: Aleksandra Iakovenko

Mozart & Salieri in the Operafestivalen 2016

The famous myth behind the rivalry between the classical music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the experienced and influential Italian composer, Antonio Salieri has inspired many artists. Among them Aleksandr Pushkin with his poetic drama “Mozart and Salieri” and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov with his opera of the same name.

The interpretation of Anders Alteskjær is based on Milos Forman’s film «Amadeus» from 1984. The opera is consisted of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Photo: Aleksandra Iakovenko
Photo: Aleksandra Iakovenko

The Mozart’s role was played by Erlend Tvinnereim – norwegian tenor based in Zurich, Switzerland. And Salieri – Halvor F. Melien – norwegian baryton based in Norway.

The production of the opera was very interesting because it combined the classical music and modern design of costumes and theatrical props. It has created the bridge between the modern and past.

The concert is a part of Operafestivalen 2016 – Opera for all, which was held in Tromsø, Norway between 19- 22 October.

Text: Tamara Sizykh

Photo: Aleksandra Iakovenko