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Motorpsychosis is my new disease

Motorpsycho need no introduction. The trio from Trondheim, masters at avoiding categorization, have graced our shores with their concert this Thursday at Driv. A first pleasant surprise was that they performed on the big stage, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. A second one was just how well everything gelled, namely visuals and the sound mix.

This, of course, let the guys give us a stupid-awesome concert – one that we won’t soon forget. There was something for everyone. Do you want to dance around and let go? They got you covered. Want to get lost in richly layered psychedelia? Step right up. Want to move to the groove of some heavy riffing? Go right ahead. Want to see good musicianship? Check out how well the bassist controls his tone, going from soft to fat and crunchy by just using his fingers. It’s quite mesmerizing, and I found myself paying more attention to that than any of the guitar or drum parts. That’s not to say they lacked anything – far from it.

The stage was pretty full, which is another reason to appreciate that we all didn’t need to huddle together upstairs. The fact that you can watch from the balcony/mezzanine offers a nice alternative to standing right in front of the stage, but with a concert like this one, the sound was so good that it didn’t matter where you were sitting.

All in all, it was a beautiful evening and a great chance to relax while enjoying the jazzy-psychedelic-post-rock performance of Motorpsycho. Yes, that was a humble attempt at categorization; may it be forgiven. They are not a band to be missed, so if you didn’t have a chance to check them out last week, keep your eyes peeled, sooner or later they’ll return. It’s definitely worth the wait.

By George Stoica