Melancholy, light-heartedness and even a touch of Bob Marley

Artist: Irma Agiashvili

Album: Behind Space

Record Label: Playirma

Rating: 6/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

«Is that whiskey? Such a strong voice doesn’t appear from nowhere, does it?»: When the Finnish-Georgian singer-songwriter artist Irma Agiashvili repeatedly grabs her glass of water during a live concert, such questions from the audience are not unusual and may well be taken as a compliment. Born in the former Soviet Union and based in Finland since she was 8 years old, Irma Agiashvili released her debut album «Sing The Unspoken» in the year of 2013. Like the debut, the successor «Behind Space» was produced by none other than Johnny Lee Michaels. The album takes us on a journey where dull moments will be searched for in vain. From melancholic ballads like «Dream» and «Turn Your Lights On» to light-hearted rock’n’roll («Heartbreaker») to reggae («Stargazing (Friends Are My Wealth)»), everything can be found on the tracklist. Obviously, no musical boundaries were set during the creation process of «Behind Space», and that’s one of the strengths of this record, next to the voice, talent, soul and personality of Irma Agiashvili.

«Won’t you take me to Jamaica?»: If you ask that question like Miss Agiashvili does in «Stargazing (Friends Are My Wealth)» and receive a «no» as an answer, just grab a bottle of cola, put the said song on full blast and dance to it in the garden. After that, you don’t need to travel to Jamaica anymore, because after that, summer will have arrived even in always-chilly Northern Norway.

«Behind Space» is one of the «must have» discs in the summer of 2016, and Irma Agiashvili is one of the finest examples of the fact that Katie Melua isn’t the only singer / songwriter artist from Georgia one should be familiar with.