Foto: Anna Dranovska

Mauro Sigura, jazz in Tromsø (and a tip where to find jazz concerts if go on vacation)

Exams period is one of the most stressful times for any student. For years, it has been my personal “safe harbor” before any test just to imagine myself doing something enjoyable as if all exams are over, and I have nothing to worry about. This way I helped my mind to overcome such stress by shifting the focus to something entirely different. To be honest, this is my seventh year as a student, so I decided to go to a new level and made this “safe harbor” real in the midst of stressful exams period.

Text: Anna Dranovska

Jazz evening with Mauro Sigura

Two days before my extremely intense project presentation I went to a jazz concert. They say that listening to some good music might stimulate brain activity and have a very positive impact on it, so why not?

Tromsø JazzKlubb invite many talented artists from around the world and I was lucky to listen to Mauro Sigura quartet that came directly from their tour in Japan. These Italian guys combined Mediterranean motives with Nordic rhythms and incorporated them into traditional jazz. Together with elements of electronic music, this creates a fascinating and charming atmosphere that captivates the listener and makes him dissolve into this music, where south, north, east and west spin around in a colorful dance.

With a glass of wine and nice company, jazz evenings will definitely break things up for you and thus enhance your productivity of exam preparations!

Here is a list of concerts till the end of May for you to choose from:

  • Bernd Reiter New York All Stars featuring Eric Alexander and Harold Mabern – Wednesday, 20. April. Tromsø is the only city in Norway, lucky enough to host these talented musicians whose rich repertoire and energetic play will definitely get into people’s hearts.
  • JazzNatt 2016 – Saturday 30. April. Five concerts playing in one evening is something undoubtedly worth seeing!
  • Ekornes i 100 – Sunday 8. May. Beautiful conflicting combination of jazz and various folk music rhythms presented by one of the most demanded drummers of Norway.
  • Alexander Aarøen Pedersen with Tromsø Storband – Thursday 26. May. Come listen to a very talented local student, who will take you on a journey through his life, searching for it’s meaning.

And if by any chance you happen to go a bit further and pay a short visit to Nice – the heart of French Riviera (like I did), stop by an amazing jazz bar Shapko in the old city!

Walking down the street of Nice after a fabulous dinner with my Oda, we stumbled upon this small bar. The music coming from it was so enchanting that we decided to stay and enjoy ourselves a bit more. A young French girl with playful, curly hair and a mesmerizing, powerful voice was sitting on a high chair and filling fresh spring air with the sweetest sounds of jazz. One by one, passers-by of all ages and backgrounds were captivated by her songs and brought together within the walls of this cozy place. Together with friendly personnel, nice prices for drinks and no entrance fee, it definitely becomes one of the must-visit places in Nice!

If you want to find out more about places to see and things to do in this lovely French city, follow me and Oda on our vacation in one of the next articles!