Foto: Kevin Ochoa

Magic of music at the Arctic Cathedral

Text: Lisa Lamova

The music came out of nowhere. Trying to catch the source of the sound, everybody started to turn their heads, wanting to see the person behind the music. As did I. Organ music filled the air crept in from every corner of the Arctic Cathedral. Suddenly, you understand that it was silly of you to turn your head and you have an idea: maybe every concert should be held like this? The feeling of actually hearing the music, not ‘watching’ it (staring at someone on the stage), is much deeper. You begin to dissolve into a sound.

Photo: Kevin Ochoa
Photo: Kevin Ochoa

The Northern Lights Concerts are a mix of classical, religious and Sami music. Three musicians: Harald Bakkeby Moe (baritone), Ingvild Staff (saxophone) and Tore Nedgård (piano and organ) make real magic during the performance, and the atmosphere in the Artic Cathedral completes the jump into Norwegian arcana. Candle light flicker and amazing acoustics create a feeling of something ancient all around. This is music inspired by the surrounding nature, something that could only have been created in Norway, where vast lands lead to a vast spirit. “I’m always paying attention to the lyrics when I’m singing”, says Harald Bakkeby Moe.

Although the concert lasts 30 minutes, not a long time, you won’t think it fragmented or fussy. The composition is organized perfectly, starting with Norwegian religious folk tunes (which you’re quickly affected by) followed by some contemporary music in the middle, and finishing with the same magical, ancient effect.

The concerts begin at 11pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Arctic Cathedral. Doors open from 10.30pm.