Love is gone – and now it’s time to rise

Artist: Dommin

Album: Rise

Record Label: Eternal Sound Records

Rating: 6/6


TEKST: Stefanie Singh

When Dommin from Los Angeles, California released their major label debut album «Love Is Gone» in early 2010, it was advertised with the slogan «The voice of the broken-hearted», and already the opener, the first single «My Heart, Your Hands», lived up to that slogan. The perfect record when suffering from heartache, but equally nice to listen to when one is not lovesick. The sound of the quartet around frontman Kristofer Dommin – whose surname was the inspiration for the band’s name – can still be classified as gothic rock/dark rock, but the successor «Rise» sounds less «broken-hearted» and also a little less dark, but heavier and more «forward-looking» instead.

It is this very development that takes one’s breath away. After a strong debut, there is always the risk that the successor won’t be able to keep up with its predecessor or that it will be just a mere copy of it. As for «Rise», the powerful opener «These New Demons» already sends out one clear signal: this album is as good as «Love Is Gone», if not even better!

Something that almost all of the songs have in common: they are extremely catchy («Manipulator Girl», «The Girls», «There You Are») and they some have very memorable riffs («The Quiet Man»). Overall, the album is very entertaining, and Kristofer Dommin explains the musical development as follows: «I don’t enjoy repeating myself creatively, so this album will offer fans another face of the band. The songs are more empowering, maybe a bit more pissed-off, and some songs are definitely a lot more tongue-in-cheek.»