Foto: Press

Kari Bremnes – Artist with reasonable confidence

A lonely waiting, in the huge hall of the Grandhotel Edge an hour before the official concert starts, was worth every second. When six male musicians found their positions and put soft tones into the introduction, the star appeared on stage accompanied by howls and applause. Yes, as people with told me with some jealousy, Kari Bremnes is the great star, which one is really lucky to see and hear live. With the lack of Norwegian language knowledge it was still possible to feel the lyrics through her voice, intonation, movements and face grimaces. The room between the songs was filled with laugh from the audience, which followed every well told story of Kari.

Grandhotel confirmed all the „GRAND“qualities, providing the great sound walking through one’s spine and making pleasant goose bumps on the back. The whole show – and one must admit it was THE SHOW with capital letters – was accompanied by lights and projection behind the crew.

With her deep, mature, confident and passionate voice, Kari provoked various emotions and left people amazed.

Her performance has much to offer. Still she has the specific sign in her songs and keeps the style which attracts mostly the mature adult category – 30-60 years old. However, in the live show everyone could find his own cup of tea. The songs were performed differently from the album version. There were more electro-rock elements presented in the music. Kari has a huge amount of energy, which she is releasing wisely and considerably during whole performance.

Text: Anežka Prosecká