Foto: Mo Yong Xin Lorraine

Julekonsert i Domkirka

Winter is coming!!! Well, for Tromsø it is obviously not time for white-walkers and Jon Snow, but it is time for Christmas!

Text: Mo Yong Xin Lorraine

By the end of November it is the first weekend of Advent, meaning that cities in Norway are decorated with Christmas trees, which are being lit and the streets are buzzing with Christmas shoppers. There are plenty of opportunities to catch pre-Christmas party, which are called Julebord in Norwegian.

Christmas in Norway is like the rest of Europe, based on Christian traditions, but also with the added elements of old pagan traditions and Jewish Hannukah. The same goes for for the Norwegian Christmas music and songs. Are you bored of listening to the Christmas carols Santa Claus is coming to town or Jingle Bell while walking down the streets or popular music in nightclubs? Would like to have your soul refreshed after the exams and in the dark polar nights?

Then this is the time for you to do something cozy and bring your beloved friends to Tromsø Domkirke to enjoy some beautiful, unique Norwegian Christmas music, while supporting your UiT friends who will be the performers!

Every year, on the first Sunday of Advent in Tromsø, there are traditional Christmas concerts of choirs and bands belonging to DRIV. On 27th November (Sunday) from 19.00-20.30, the following choirs and music bands are going to perform in the Tromsø Domkirke (the church with the green roof!):

Det Norske Mannskor av 1995

Kvinnekoret Cantus Cordis
Mannskoret Ultralyd
Studentkoret Det gode SELskab (Student Choir)
Tromsø Akademiske Kvinnekor – TAKk

Tickets are sold at the entrance at the following prices:

Adults 100,-

Student 50,-

Children for free.

Link to the activity on facebook:

All are welcome. Vi sees!