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It’s a wild party – but not one of the best parties ever

Artist: The Last Vegas

Album: Eat Me

Record Label: AFM Records

Rating: 4/6

TEXT: Stefanie Singh

It seems that cancellations of concerts, tours and the like have meanwhile become rather the rule than the exception in the increasingly fragile music business. The Last Vegas fell victim to such a cancellation in 2013 when they couldn’t open for Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar on their common UK tour as planned. Quite a pity, given that the perfect target group would have been reached there. After all, The Last Vegas aren’t another very young hard / sleaze / glam rock band in their early 20s.

The guys from Chicago, Illinois are in the business since 2003, shared stages with the creme de la creme such as Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe and even brought in Mötley Crüe’s bass player Nikki Sixx to produce their fourth studio album «Whatever Gets You Off». Their brand new, seventh opus «Eat Me» was done without a big name during the production process, but with a pro in charge for the mixing (Chris Laney). And in the end, it’s the sound of «Eat Me» that impresses the most, next to the vocals of Chad Cherry.

The opener and first single «Bloodthirsty» is a rock smasher straight out of a picture book, and the last three tracks (The outstanding «To Be Treated», the ballad «Anything It Takes» and the experimental, darkly tinged «From Hell») are equally convincing, yet the full potential of The Last Vegas isn’t tapped on «Eat Me». The album simply has too many moments which one has heard too often from other bands already. There is a lack of an own mark, an own sound, an own identity – despite the Americans being so long in the business already. And maybe that’s why they are often still mistaken for a newcomer.